credit card holder

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  1. hello :]

    im thinking about getting the the credit card holder. i currently have a marc by marc jacobs wallet and its just to bulky and heavy. i only carry around credit cards/ids. so i was thinking about getting that and a coin purse. what are your opinions for those who have the holder. likes dislikes. pictures are welcome too :] thanks!
  2. get a zippy coin purse! It's pretty small and holds a ton! Plus you wouldn't have to get a card holder and a coin purse. It's everything you want all in one! And they just came out with the azur and MC version too!

    Compared to a cles (size)
  3. that zippy is amazing! how much is it... if you don't mind me asking...
  4. thanks for the idea of using the zippy coin purse! i never thought of i just may have to get one now! but i cant find the azur one on the lv site.
  5. Free! Well my best friend bought it for me, but I think it is $290?
  6. I kinda like that idea,