Credit Card Holder 101

  1. I've had a few TPFers ask me about my little accessories lately...a few about the monogram credit card holder and pics as well. Since I am lazy, I will post a little "101" thing here :P

    Okay, so, it costs $125 on Elux, but since Elux doesn't ship to Canada and I didn't want to go to Holt Renfrew to get one, I got mine off eBay for $91, in flawless, used-only-once condition.

    First of all, what it is is a piece of canvas that is folded in half and secured in a book shape by a little gold snap button. "Threaded" (sorry can't find another word for it) onto the "male" part of the button are seven plastic sleeves. I believe you can buy additional sleeves from LV but I don't recommend it since having too many cards in there will make it difficult to have the cards pivot out of the holder.

    I put one card each into the first four sleeves, and then I have two cards each in the fifth and sixth sleeve, and the seven sleeve holds a super thick, 2-card thickness access card to my workplace. Even with all the cards, the thickness is way under one inch. The card holder doesn't close perfectly flat, since the button kind of holds down one end but the other end is loose so the other end is kind of curved up. But once you store it in your purse/pocket, it doesn't matter. If you look at the third pic below, you'll know what I mean.
    102_1270.JPG 102_1271.JPG 102_1272.JPG
  2. Here are a few more requested in PM...
    Kind of sucks how we can only upload 3 files max at a time now!

    This is a really really useful accessory...great for if you dont' want to lug around too many pieces of bulky accessories, or if you don't have enouch $$$ to buy a full sized LV wallet, buying this and the porte monnaie plat works super well too. I would recommend this to everyone.

    Hope this thread helps a few of you! :flowers:
    102_1273.JPG 102_1276.JPG 102_1277.JPG
  3. My husband use this one and he really likes it coz it's small ((doesn't like bulky wallet)) Great for men gift
  4. Nice pics thanks, much better than elux. always wondered how it would look filled. On my want list now!
  5. yeh it looks really nice, and so cheap too!!!
  6. Nice cardholder, and your post is definitely very informative.
  7. Great ebay purchase karman! =)
  8. I have this one I love it, it is really useful
  9. Karman~ It looks useful too!:flowers:
  10. Thanks! I have been toying with the idea of buying one. I usually have my credit cards in my planner but its just getting too bulky for some of my bags, so I have to keep it in my messenger bag (for work) and keep my important cards in my mini pochette which I am using for coins. Long winded reply to say the the photos are very helpful!
  11. I like it.
  12. I have one and I love it!
  13. Cool, it's functional and a great price too!
  14. Thank you Karman for posting this, I like seeing how a piece can be used.
  15. Thanks for the info and pics karman! I have been eyeing one of these and now I can decide.