CREDIT CARD Credit...What should I buy?

  1. I am shocked!! :shocked: I just called my Credit Card Company to see what my balance I like to pay it off every month if I use it...

    Seems as though I double paid last month...and I have a 785.00 CREDIT:wtf:

    I'm debating at Eluxury..and maybe picking up a Groom item..or......Ebay..a pre-owned larger item...:shrugs:

    I cannot decide! HELP:sos:
  2. Go for the Groom, they are limited:yes:
  3. LOL, I would say spend it.. LOL on maybe a groom item, nice agenda or something...

    but then again my morals and school loans are screaming, save lol

    49% save, 51% spend ;)
  4. WOW, you are so lucky :yahoo:
    What are some of the options?
  5. What's on your most-wanted list?
  6. Awesome! I love it when things like that happen!
    Buy the bag that you've always wanted! Or many a few little accessories!
    Personally if I found out I had an extra $785, I'd save another $500 and give the gold miroir papillon a chance!
  7. :wondering I have soooo many wants....

    I could get what I really want (a Pegase suitcase)..and charge a few extra hundred on the card for this months balance....But I do not travel that much so would I really use it??

    I've been thinking about a Groom Wallet...or maybe the new charm bracelet...or....a new Speedy 40?? I'm so torn!....:wacko:

    Does anyone own a Multiple-cite' or a Excertri-cite'? They seem like a fair sized bag that could be carried in the hand or on the forearm...Maybe I would like one of those...OH GEEZ:shrugs:
  8. oh yay! get the one item (or more) that you LOVE!!!

  9. I have a multipli-cite and I absolutely love it! :love: This bag is large and very functional for me. My absolute favorite. And yes you can carry either on the shoulder, hand or arm. Here's a pic of it. Good luck!!!
    lv purse and cles.jpg
  10. Yes..I was just looking at the Multipli Cite' on Eluxury...

    Do not know why it never caught my eye before....

    I'm leaning that way...

  11. I have one and I love it too!
  12. Go for the groom!
  13. I like the groom items?!
  14. I just had a thought....

    A new Monogram Collar for Jaxson??

    anyone have one of these for your pets??
  15. I'd say definitely get a nice bag since you'll be using it! A Pégase would be great too, but not advisable esp. if you don't travel that much. Even if you would take it with you on travel, it would be such a shame to watch scratch/wear/tear marks accumulate over time...Get the Multiplé-cité if you like it, I think it's very functional and worth it!!! ;)