Credit card charged..

  1. Well I checked the balance on my c/c this morning and I'm over 800$ up from yesterday balance, so that means Louis has charged my Mini lin to my account.:yes:

    Question, will the store contact me to let me know the bag has been shipped, so that I can be sure someone is home to get the package ?

    Then I just found out that the car dealer is going to refund me for my auto start because I've had nothing but issues with it on my new car. Best part is I didn't expect this so my Mini lin is technically free :smile::wlae:

    I'm so happy.:yahoo:
  2. oh la la free LV!!
  3. it's always nice to "find" extra money! congrats on the mini lin
  4. Congrats!!!
  5. thanks all, now i'm on the edge of my seat wanting my bag :biggrin:
  6. great!:yahoo:
  7. Sounds great!
  8. congrats! sounds so greath a technical free LV bag!
  9. I love technicalities!!
  10. OOOH@ I love great money surprises! congrats!!!!
  11. Congrats! Yahoo, nothing like a 'free' bag :smile:
  12. i'm more then happy about it :smile:
    now if only the bag would get here.!!!!
  13. Congrats, I'm glad that she'll be on her way ! :yes:
  14. Oooooooo:huh:OOOOoooooooh, I lVOE the way this has worked out for yoU! Congrats! enjoy in good health!
  15. Cool deal! I love when things work out like that!!