Credit Card Chargebacks in UK - interesting article

  1. I've just read an interesting article in the UK Guardian online:

    Net payment services that may rob you of a refund | Cash | The Observer

    It basically says that chargebacks aren't guaranteed via paypal, because you are 'buying units of cash' to pay for your items. Some banks will process chargebacks (HSBC is one) but others won't. I've heard about a lot of chargebacks via paypal, I wonder if this will affect any of them? I also wonder if this is true in the US.
  2. I have always been surprised by the US system as I know that most UK people don't allow it and for me its a good thing as some buyers try to do chargebacks month after the event which leaves your paypal in a credit balance. Its just not right
  3. I do a lot of selling on eBay in the US - but have hardly any UK customers, even though I know the items I sell are much cheaper than the UK (even including shipping!). Maybe this is why - they don't feel it is safe to pay by paypal!
  4. Hey DC

    For me the reason I don't buy from the US (even as you said because they are cheaper) is the heavy heavy customs fees that I encounter when the bag arrives. £200 - £300 on top of the bag prices make it not a deal after all!
  5. Good point - I keep forgetting about customs fees. I tend to sell lower value items, only the odd bag, but I think that in the UK there is such a good eBay community all on its own (with fairly low postage fees) that there's no point in going elsewhere.

    I'm from the UK myself (am just living in DC for a few years) and there is safety in knowing that your seller is only a couple of hours drive away if something goes wrong!!