Credit Card Case-Is there an option?

  1. I was wondering if there is a small credit card case. Does anyone have a picture or own one? How much does it run? Does it come in endless colors/leather types?

    Also, where is the best place (if there is one) to find pictures of small leather goods/accessories that Hermes sells? We have many pics of the bags, but not leather accessories.
  2. They have quite a good selection of credit card holders and they do come in different leathers, colors and even hardware.

    I have the Sakura, Bearn small CC holder and the Envelope (forgot the name of it) CC case from their selections and the Bearn one fits the most.

    I think you can find most pictures of their small leather good items on one of those Japanese super brand catalogues. Hope this helps :smile:
  3. When I was at Hermes in NYC, my SA Lisa showed me 4 different kinds. The one I liked the most was this accordian one (don't know the name) that fit about 10 cards. So cute! I think it was $700.
  4. There is also Thill (very thin just for a few cards), then you have the Archimede (new model) and Guernsey (my favorit) holds at least 9 cards (i think i have a bout 12 in it)...
  5. Thank you all...I will do some research for pics.

    Does Hermes make a double coin purse? Not a tiny one, but a fuller sized one? Like 7"x4"...something like that?
  7. i only know if one model that has two sides...both open with a button...but it's smaller (holds quite a bit though). not sure what it's called. You can also buy it single...
  8. and there are is also the Zoulou (a square that you can twist and it comes out to a little bucket - i can't reach in) and there is a new one with a zipper - also quite difficult to get in in my opinion..
  9. You have been a great help luxury. Appreciate it.

    Nice to have you on the forum as well.
  10. you are welcome...we have seen almost every Hermes items over the reason to keep that for ourselves :smile:
  11. I dont know the seller...but all her Hermes photos have a white background where as all her other items are photographed with some random background...
  12. ^Good point about the white background...