Creature Comforts


Oh. Gee.
Feb 12, 2006
Anyone else looking forward to this show? I am such a huge fan of this guy and the whole Wallace and Gromit, Serta Sheep and Chevron commercials (geek alert! I have all the cars in the collection and a stuffed Serta sheep. :shame:smile:


tPF Bish
Jul 7, 2006
I love how all the animals are being 'interviewed' about aspects of their lives.

[episode - Feeding Time]
Seagull 2: English food is very bland isn't it?
Seagull 1: Yeah, but I'm not I'm not terribly spicy, I'm not, well, i like spices but the spices don't like me, know what I mean?
Seagull 2: I like spices, and I like all kinds, and there's nothing round here anyway, is there?

[episode - Feeding Time]
The Greyhound: The main staple diet for runners is... [race starts]

[episode - The Garden]
Sid the rat: It's got a shed, which I'm really made up about, 'cause I've, like, always wanted a shed, all my life and now I've got one.
Nancy the rat: to read pornography in.
Sid the rat: No, not to read pornography in, but I've got a radio and listen to the football results with a paraffin heater in fingerless gloves.

[episode - Working Animals]
The Cockroach: You know, you hear about chefs being crazy, he was crazy, he would throw knives around, you know, thankfully I didn't have a lot of dealings with him, 'cause I was, you know, dealing with other, sort of, areas in the hotel, but I just kept out of his way. My friend got it in the neck.

[episode - Working Animals]
The Greyhound: It can be stressful, yes, as a runner because you strive to-
[race starts]

[episode - The Circus]
The Black Horse: [discussing clowns and slapstick] If it's badly done it can be very sad.
The White Horse: It's totally embarassing, yeah, I don't like clowns
The Black Horse: If it doesn't work out you feel pity for them and that's like so awful.

[episode - Pets at the vets]
Sid the rat: I'm the kind of person who's a bit of a hypochondriac and if I get a little nagging pain I automatically think it's something really serious, but then I never go to the doctor.
Nancy the rat: And you never shut up about it either.
Sid the rat: I know. It's just a typical bloke thing really.
Nancy the rat: It's not.
Sid the rat: Shall we row about this now?