Creator of Body Shop passes away

  1. That's too bad. RIP
  2. That's very sad. And so sudden. RIP.
  3. That's too bad...the Body Shop is a great store.
  4. It's very sad :sad:

  5. Wow... she just seems so young to me... How sad...
  6. How awful. I love Body Shop products.
  7. RIP Dame Anita Roddick.
  8. how sad. rip. i remember when i was in university in thailand she came and spoke about corporate responsibility.

    in my early teens i used alot of their products.
  9. My prayers to her family. What a shock! Ironically I had just received an order from a Body Shop at Home party I attended recently...I will think differently now when I use those shower gels...
  10. I love her stuff especially the raspberry oil which I think they discontinued though. It's always nice to have a head honcho stressing the importance of corporate responsibility.
  11. How sad to hear that she has passed on. I've seen her in a couple of interviews a few years ago and I really liked her attitude towards doing business. I especially like the "trade not aid" philosophy she endorsed to help people make a living in other cultures around the world.