Creative Zen, Zune, or other non-Apple MP3 Player info please! (for my picky BF)

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  1. So my wonderful bf's bday is... tomorrow. :shame: And I just learned this morning that apparently, he feels very strongly about never owning another iPod again. Which is a slight problem considering that I was going to purchase a nano for him today (among other things- I am compiling a bunch of gifts to put together)........ Crap, right? I don't know a single thing about other mp3 players and all I got after hours of sly questioning was that he likes the Creative Zen or Zune.... Does anyone have any recommendations regarding these two products? I am also on Amazon right now, doing some additional research, but I would trust your opinions equally if not more than some random reviews.. I'd appreciate ANYTHING, so please chime in with stories, opinions, rants... I'm a bit stressed, what with this new turn of events. :push:

  2. I got my Creative Zen about 3 years ago after reading all the awful reviews of the iPod on Amazon, and I absolutely love it! :love: Mine is the old version and granted, it looks nowhere near as cool as the newest Creative Zens (or an iPod) but I've found it to be sturdy and super reliable and it hasn't failed me yet. The only pet peeve I have is that there is only a very limited range of accessories for them - i.e. there are about 3 accessories on Amazon - but I've found that it works fine on my iStation so you don't need to get a special Creative speaker set or anything :biggrin: I also like the fact that you can put WMA's on it as well as MP3's (an iPod can't do this), WMA's are smaller than MP3's so basically you can fit more songs on!

    I like them more than iPods since not everyone and their grandma owns one and they are technically better than iPod (as well as being much cheaper!). But I do wish Louis Vuitton would make a case for it!
  3. Oh your post came just in time! I found a very cool, sleek Creative Zen player on Amazon and then proceeded to become extremely alarmed when I read some of the horrid reviews for it... I'll continue to research but thanks for your input. I think I am leaning towards the Creative Zens just for the cool factor... :biggrin:
  4. I found that when I was looking for an mp3 player, there are loads of really passionate reviews for them - iPods and Creative Zens - people obviously feel very strongly towards their mp3 players!
  5. My anti-Apple BF has a Zune and loves it. I really like the interface, the size, etc. There is a smaller one out now in different colors. The Zune gets my vote :tup:
  6. Oh Cristina, I appreciate your feedback so much but now I'm completely thrown because I literally was in the process of checking out on Amazon... and my cart definitely had the Creative Zen, not the Zune! :biggrin: LOL I hate being so indecisive... But thank you, I am going to go back and do some speed browsing before the overnight deadline is over!
  7. I bought my bf a Zune this past Christmas because he also, is anti apple ipod. He wanted one ever since they came out and he absolutely loves it! (hopefully not more than me,lol) He has not had any issues with it once other than the scroll thingy being unresponsive when he clicked it but after a quick restart it was up and running like normal.
  8. I have the original black Zune and love it. It goes with me pretty much everywhere. Whenever I step into Best Buy, I can't help but look at their new ones. The red looks delish. Anyway, I think that the Zune is great. I like the feature and the size. Plus my sister and I send song trials to each other from our Zunes.
  9. I got my sister a Creative Zen Stone for Christmas and she loves it. Its almost the same price with IPod Shuffle but have additional features like radio, recorder, etc. :smile:
  10. The Zen is quite good, but if your BG is a real audiophile (ie if he *****es about sound quality and talks about/spends money on speaker systems and such a lot) you might want to consider the Cowon iAudio M5. I had its predecessor, and broke it, and I've been waiting for these to come in before I'd even consider replacing my mp3 player.

    The battery life is great (20 - 30 hours), it plays any file type you can throw at it (bar ipod encoded tracks - mpa), but again, only fecking Apple products can play those), you can have up 20GB of stuff on it, and the sound quality is pretty much the best in the industry.

    Alternatively, if you want a slightly smaller player with longer battery life (40 - 60 hours!!), consider the iAudio 7. You can only get these in up to an 8GB memory space because they're flash memory, but they're lighter and the battery life is better, but the sound quality and file formats remain the same, except that it can play MP4 tracks. Edit: Apparently, they come in a 16gb version too-- very tempting! (To me, anyway.)

    Speaking as someone who hates ipods myself, I think your BF would probably be very happy to get one of those. They're beloved among music nerds and you're not going to see too many other people with them, either. :smile:
  11. I have been very happy with my Sandisk Sansa MP3 player. So much so that I got the Express version so I have one and DH has one.
  12. i have the original brown zune and it great.... but be aware it could stop working , it has happened to me and you would have to send it back and wait 3 weeks for them to return it, and i only had the manufacturer warranty which was only good for a year.
    But all in all i give the zune and 8 out of 10
  13. I have a creative zen and a zune and I love them both.I think I prefer the zune a little bit more but only because I use it mostly for videos.
  14. I have an Ipod Touch 8g (IT ROCKS!!) However, I REALLY wanted a Zune because you have the option to listen to the radio which I thought was really cool. However, My DH is the opposite of your BF in that he won't hear of owning anything other than apple mp3 players.