Creative Ways To Use Your LV Accessories!

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  1. Hi ladies! I had been wearing my new Pastilles Keychain as a bracelet, but with it not being made of real gold I was worried about it not lasting long in that capacity. Well the colors match perfectly with my Balenciaga City bag, and since I design jewelry as a hobby I had all the materials and tools needed! In the past I have used my Sweet Monogram Jewelry on my LV shoes and bags, and I have included pictures of those as well! Please share your pictures of your creative use of LV accessories!
    IMG_2626-1.jpg IMG_2631-1.jpg IMG_1592-1.jpg IMG_1594-1.jpg IMG_1587-1.jpg
  2. love the shoes
  3. wow...very creative...I love the charms on the shoes...great idea!
  4. Love it.
  5. How pretty! I have the charms and have no idea how to use it as it seems to slip everytime I tie the green leather.
  6. Your balenciaga is so pretty :heart:
  7. :love: Here is the latest place my Sweet Monogram Pendant has been placed, on my Magenta Balenciaga Box bag! I seem to have a problem with using things for what they are originally intended for!
    IMG_2640-1.jpg IMG_2644-1.jpg IMG_2660-1.jpg IMG_2694-1.jpg IMG_2706-1.jpg
  8. love your sandals, are they comfy ? I like the idea you have, it works well with your bags :smile:
  9. Hi Sasa! I also found the leather tie not very practical for a necklace. On hot days(I live in Southern CA) the charms and leather aren't very comfortable. But I really do love them! They work great on the purses and the shoes!
  10. Love them!!!

  11. Hi BF! The sandals I have pictured are both pretty comfortable for high heels. I find most of LV's sexy high heels comfortable compared to lots of other's out there. I love Christian Louboutin too though, and I think sometimes a pretty high heel is just worth some suffering. I know call me crazy! But I don't usually wear them when I will be out all day!
  12. Very cute!
  13. Excellent!
  14. Will have to call this one Crafts 101!!!

    A couple gals had pm'd me to ask what I used so here is an explanation and visuals to help.

    Ok the pendant comes with the leather thong necklace, so all I did was add a gold o-ring (which you can get at any arts and crafts place, bead place, or off any old costume jewelry. I have lots of materials from making my own jewelry. I had used my clip from the inside of my LV bucket and exchanged it for the one that came with the Pastilles Keychain, because the one on the keychain was huge. Anyway, I decided to add pictures to make it simpler. You can seen the o-rings, the LV clips, and a earing before I cut it and one next to it I cut and bent to make two loops on it. The o-ring and clip is what I used for the pendant on the Magenta Box bag. I used two clipped earings to attach each side of the keychain to the Pink City bag. I hope that helps! Feel free to ask more if I am still not making it clear. Oh and the pliers I use to bend everything!

    I can't wait to see more ideas!!!

    IMG_2724-1.jpg IMG_2728-1.jpg IMG_2734-1.jpg
  15. Cool~~