Creative ways to tell family/friends you're preggers?

  1. What creative way(s) did you tell your family/friends you were preggers?
  2. sat down with a jar of pickes and ate them all..with kool aid on top.. lol
  3. When we found out we were pg with my ds, we purchased a frame that said "grandchildren make us proud" and wrapped it up and brought it over to my parents. They were not expecting us to be pg, so they were so surprised and of course my mom was crying when she opened it.
  4. I got pregnant at 20, when I was in my ex-husband who my parents weren't crazy about. So I had my sister tell my mom, and my mom tell my dad! I was cowardly, not creative! lol
  5. I just told them, but I thought this would be a great way to do it if someone found out at around Christmas time:

    When sending out Christmas (or Thanksgiving!) cards, instead of sending the usual ones - make some yourself with a picture of you, your SO and then a copy of the first ultrasound picture of the baby!
  6. My friend let everyone know she was expecting her first child on Facebook the other day which I thought was a pretty cool idea. Because she lives far away it was a good easy way for her to tell everyone at once. She started a private message thread and sent it to everyone, then everyone left their warm wishes. Super Cute!
  7. Hahaha! I didn't choose to tell immediately. I wanted to hug the secret to myself
  8. my daughter opened up a 'big sister' bib at her birthday party.
  9. Oh I wish I had the kind of family you could get creative with! I didn't tell them I was pregnant for most of the first trimester and now that they all know I have to find creative ways to fend off all of their catastrophic thinking! Like: "are you sure it's OK to do yoga during pegnancy?" or "be sure you tell your doctor you had apendicitis at 3 yrs. old" UGGGGGHHHHH. I know they mean well but for now I'm just avoiding them as best I can. Creatively! :sos:
  10. I LOVE the picture frame idea. I have FOUR younger brothers so I'll find Uncle ones too!
  11. A girl I new bought a milf t-shirt and wore it in front of her mom and when her mom asked what that was she statred freakin out, maybe you could find her a one hot grandma t-shirt haha!! in a more classier way, another person I knew sent a sonogram pic in a frame to her mom in a grandma frame. Maybe you could throw a little girls night non cocktail, cocktail hour they might get the hint:smile: give them all the liquor in the house and tell them you want full bottles back in 9months!!
  12. My little niece came to Sunday brunch with a t-shirt that said "I'm a big sister!" on it. I thought that was a cute way of telling us that my sister was pregnant with her second.
  13. A friend of mine had her daughter wear a t-shirt that said "big sister" on it. She wore it to a family function where the whole family was gathered and waited for them to notice.
  14. After already having three, I wasn't so sure the fourth would even be exciting to tell. My MIL collects Swarofski crystal, so my DH bought her the rattle. When we gave it to her, she said "I don't have this one. Thanks!" It took her a few minutes to realize....
  15. "I'm pregnant. Can you pass the turnips?"