Creative Styles

  1. Just wondering if any of you have seen people matching their Hermes bags with an interesting outfit? Most of the time when I have Hermes bags sightings, people tend to be wearing jeans or very put togheter. However, there were two instances where I saw an ensemble that is rather unique:

    A couple months ago I saw a lady in her late 50s wearing Juicy Couture sweats, platform sandals while carrying her croc Birkin (pretty sure it's real). Pretty creative and unique (hard to believe but it actually looked good on her), but definitely not something I would be able to pull off.:yes:

    Last year I saw a girl wearing one of those dixie shorts with long boots carrying a Kelly. It didn't work on her.

    Has anyone seen any unusual ensembles?
  2. at Saks, a lady, wearing blue sweat shorts, aqua flipflops, red pedicure, but only three toenails had still polish on it, grayish (originaly white I think) tank top, and a green army jacket, with a gold tone birkin, did not see the hardware, she wore it hardware in, (towards the body). I think she was going for the "get away from me" look.
  3. :roflmfao: :lol: :roflmfao:
  4. well not "exotic" over here but maybe for you living abroad. abaya shela and then a rouge vif birkin and matching red high ( and i mean high heels )

    abaye see attached pic for those who do not know
  5. Wow, I hope that lady didn't trip! :lol:
  6. :lol: :roflmfao: :lol: :roflmfao:
    OMG~~~ Did you sneak a picture of that in with your cellphone?
  7. Gah, if it were me I will be falling all over myself all day (and thereby damaging the Birkin).
  8. Are you an Asian living in an Arab country? :blink:
  9. You don't!! Abaya is not that terrible as chador. You don't trip wearing the abaya. It's just a long black dress that is worn when you go out to cover up the interior clothing. You may wear the scarf without the face veil or vice versa.:blink:
  10. :huh: i am as asian as mcdonald :roflmfao: why do you ask? and who gave you the impression of me beeing asian btw?
  11. Isn't that is your pic? No, it isn't? :huh:
  12. At the Hermès boutique once I saw a lady wearing a matching shorts and blouse in dark green linen. She had a Hermès mousseline shawl in yellow, orange and red which she wrapped around so it looks thing and slung it on one side of her shoulder (front to back) and held by a beige belt. She was also carrying her gold Kelly.

    It was quite interesting
  13. :lol: no i just googled fo a pic of an abaya and shela so that in case some members do not kow hot it looks get an idea :flowers:
  14. I would not dare..:amazed: :lol:
  15. I once carried my orange kelly bag in my tennis outfit. (white short sleeves tennis dress, white/beige visor, and beige sneakers)

    I hope it didn't look weird...