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  1. Lol you never know what the Purse Forums can inspire! I haven't posted for a while and I thought I'd touch base and pass on what I've been doing.

    Until I found tPF I had only a few Coach bags that I had collected over the years - all 100% leather ones that last forever - well since tPF I've added Gucci, Botkier, Etro and some other items that I have come to love. I'm now more than salivating over what will be my first LV piece - their new Louis Vuitton Speeding Monogram Canvas Sneaker Laces shoes - I dont dress up a lot and do not need a new bag but these shoes look like all that to me and I'm planning to hit the LV Boutique at the Houston Galleria this Saturday and nab me a pair.

    Anyway, here's my quick story .. I found a fun way to fund my new fascination with these fashion accessories :smile: Fridge Magnets! Lol - I started back in May .. I had about 3 cookie tins full that I had not placed back on the fridge from our move last summer to Houston. They were from travels mostly on Cruise ships to all sorts of places and from hubbys business trips. I started selling them on eBay. I had so much fun I opened a store there, and when my personal stock ran low I thought .. ooo this is too much fun and after getting my first Gucci tote with the funds from a fellow tPF member, I thought I wanted to keep it up :smile: .. I thougth, well, I sure have a lot of nice ones that came from Las Vegas ... so I bought a plane ticket to go to Las vegas for one day! Stephen drove me to the Airport before he went to work, all I took was a backpack and started at the Wynn and worked my way south along the strip --- had a blast at the Forum Shops at Caesars looking at all the goodies, and carried on. I was tuckered out and had a back pack full of fridge magnets and had to buy an extra tote bag by the time I was already at the Venetion and it was pretty stuffed as well when I was at Bellagio. Stopped there and had a buffet dinner before heading back on an evening flight to Houston.

    I had such a blast! Now I have all the contact info from those gift shops and have a couple of other places that sell travel and international destination magnets, so thats my theme :smile: ... and all my profits go toward my fashion fun! Its been a blast and none of it comes from the household funds so Stephen just says "oh ok, I'll take you to Louis Vuitton on Saturday morning for your shoes then" LOL that would have never happened before :smile: but its my new pocket money for purse and fashion fun - and gives me a cool hobby. I add the odd fashion item into my shop too that I find at outlets, but not much, I stick to the magnets mostly which I've collected for years myself. Now my fridge is starting to look pretty great again too :smile:

    Just thought I'd pass that on and see if any one of you also has a fun and creative way to come up with extra ways to spend on fashion items.

    If you want to see my magnets btw :smile:
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  2. This sounds like fun! Congrats! Enjoy your LV trip :flowers:
  3. what a cool way to fund your bags.

    I had heard about people selling their beanie babies off on ebay but never magnets.
  4. Wow..that's cool...can't wait to see the pics of your LV sneaker

    is it the one?

  5. I play piano for parties, weddings, and events. :smile: 1 gig = 1 bag (or I save it) :smile:

    Congrats on being so motivated and creative!
  6. Sounds like a fun hobby, I collect elephants but I'm to cheap to sell them. I play poker to fund my bags and other girly obsessions.
  7. OOOOhh yeah Bagn ! Those are they :smile: I think those are the guys version maybe - the mens are matte brown leather trim and the womens are a very shiny pattent leather trim - they make them for kiddies too - lol - thats my new wall paper now :smile:. Hope to have them on my feet Saturday.

    Clanlois, thats certainly creative :smile: music into fashion, I love that!
  8. Hey vista! Nice to see you back around. Sounds like you had a great time in Vegas. Good luck with the magnet sales. It so cool to have a hobby that can make some money too.
  9. I am downsizing all of my collections as I think about moving back to NY so plan on selling parts of collections I dont really do anything with anymore, such as my Department 56, Gene and Tyler dolls, old Barbie and Tammy dolls and tons of Gene and Tyler outfits. Now I just have to get motivated to take the pics and post them on Ebay :smile:
  10. :yahoo: Got my shoes last night :smile: since they only had one in my size I didnt want to wait till Saturday - they are all that. There are two styles one has the mini monogram as well but I like the ones in the pic above. I am sooo excited .. I wore them out for dinner. hmm maybe I'll do that again tonight :smile: Anyone know if LV makes socks? Lol they might go well with them.

  11. I thought I'd put a picture of them up - I just love these, wore them out to dinner the last couple of nights now.


    They are sooo comfortable too! They are all leather inside, very smooth and the trimming is all gold piping and the back of the heal is gold leather - they are very sharp looking - and the womens version like these have very shiny leather on the tips and under the laces. I am very pleased with them :smile: Now to sell some more of my magnets and get a little bag to match :smile: Louis Vuitton also has a mini monogram sneaker I looked at while I was checking these out.