Creative Nail Design Solar Oil...

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  1. Does anyone have this?
    I bought some off ebay and it smells like battenberg cake, is this how it should smell or have i got something dodgy?!
  2. ^ewwww it might be old. it should smell fruity. like fruit loops. LOL!
  3. ^ditto. I don't know what battenberg cake is, but I presume it's got a nasty smell.
  4. Agree with everyone else. Smell sounds "off."
  5. I've never noticed Solar Oil smelling fruity like Fruit Loops...and I've been using it for nearly almost 20 years. Solar Oil contains almond and jojoba oil, so it should have a slight marzepan smell to it. Your Solar Oil is perfectly fine by the sounds of it.
  6. I wouldn't say it smells like fruit loops, but it has a sweet smell, slightly tangy.
  7. I have a fresh bottle of Solar Oil, I can smell the almond in it. How is the color of it? Mine is a very light greenish yellow (like if a lime was left in the bottom of a water glass).
  8. ^yeah maybe it was the almond smell. but it smells fruity for sure!
  9. where can you buy this???
  10. and I think Ulta and Sally carry it too. I usually add it to an order at transdesign, they have the best prices on polish.
  11. what does solar oil do...??
  12. It's cuticle oil. It's supposed to be able to penetrate through polish though.
  13. Is it worth trying this brand or is there a less expensive alternative that works just as well?

  14. that's what mine smells like as well..marzipan like.. terrific for nails, too:yahoo:
  15. It's supposed to be almond-oil scented, but it's rancid most times. Still works well, though.