Creative Minds needed here.. HELP

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  1. Ok after my incident with at Coach's Premium Outlet.. I decide to banned myself to go to SPO.. So I was bored at home taking pic of my collection.. I need your guys help.. I have a bunch of scarf but having trouble pairing them up.. here are some of my collections.. Sorry my stairwell can only fit so much..:P can you guys help me dress up my purse?

  2. #2 Jul 20, 2009
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    I say the black/gray Op Art scarf with the patent Sabrina! :amuse:
  3. Hmmm...and the Multicolor Op Art scarf with the cobalt Maggie!
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    Sorry my pic are so deceiving it the graphite sabrina.. but it a good pair.. Thank you..
  5. A lot of your bags are simply fabulous without scarves, really! :biggrin:
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    Was this an excuse for you to bring out all your beautiful bags and share them with us? If that is the case, they are simply GORGEOUS!!! I especially like the blue Parker satchel and the blue Lindsey (is that right?). The shiny one next to the other Lindsey? And I see a couple of my other faves like the Maggie and Sabrina and Madison shoulder bags...heck...I LOVE your entire collection!!! Anyway, I was so excited I just had to tell you that!

    As for the scarves, honestly, some of the bags could do without scarves like the N/S tote and the Melon Madison Shoulder (the OP art is already busy enough). But some of your all leather bags could try on some scarves. I don't own any scarves myself because I'm more of a bag charm freak. They are easier to put on bags than tying bows. But a lot of your bags could wear almost any of those scarves. Sorry I'm not much help. Like I said, I don't own any scarves.
  7. I think either the paint print or scribble scarf would look great with your Madeline or your Carly Satchel, the black/white op art flower scarf on Graphite Sabrina, maybe the butterfly on your blue parker? Lovely collection though, Congrats!!!!
  8. Oh, fun! I think the black and white op art flower scarf would look nice with the graphite Sabrina. And the turquoise op art/polka dot scarf with the Madison shoulder bag (That bag is fabulous by the way! Sooo pretty!). And maybe the beach print scribble on the light blue one (Parker?)...the one beside the white Madeline.
  9. AHHH! I want your Lindsay's!!!!! :faint::faint::faint:
    I'll stop screaming now.
    I think the butterfly with the lavendar belted turnlock one (sorry, not sure of the name) and the resort scarf with the white madison shoulder bag
  10. I know this sounds crazy, but have you tried the big butterfly scarf on your cobalt Maggie?? That butterfly scarf has a little blue in it.
  11. I can't tell if the purple in the butterfly ponytail holder with the black and white is in the same color family as your lavendar carryall but if it is, I like the black and white against that bag- I think the pastel scarves could be a bit too eastery for my taste on that bag...

    I think almost all of them will look excellent on the white madeline too!

    What color is that Lyndsay- the petrol or the python? Either way, LOVE IT!
  12. The first pairing that jumped at me was the op art polka dot pony with the embossed python Lindsey!
  13. I just enlarged the pic- see it is the python WOW, I love that bag!
  14. I like going with contrasting colors... So that they will alll stand out...
  15. maybe try the green sig scarf on your heritage stripe satchel,
    and on your orchid carly caryall you could try the butterfly print or the black/white op art signature w/ purple flowers

    for the black penelope you might want to add the pink/coral op art signature scarf for a pop of color or even the or the black/white op art signature w/ purple flowers

    if you like matchy matchy try the blue/teal op art sig on your blue parker, or maybe the khaki brown sig for contrast on the parker.

    some of your other bags are very special, and sometimes I prefer not to adorne those pieces because they don't need it. imho