creative idea on how to taking care of your mono/azur speedy handle

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  1. yesterday I was at the mall.. i saw a lady wearing mono speedy 30, the bag looks old but the handle still look good... and when I walked closer to her, i saw she did put "crochet stitch" at her speedy handle and the crochet color similiar to the handle color... but can see/peek - the handle still look like new... NEVER tot of that creative ideas!!!. the crochet not only nice like an accessories to the bag with a ruffles at the bottom of the handle dangling but also can help to cover the hndle from dirt, water, perfume, oil and stuffs...

    hmmm I'm thinking to apply this idea too... HEHEHE then I need to look for someone who knows how to do nice crochet for my speedy... :graucho:

    p/s :: i tot of taking the lady pic but her daughter was crying, so not managed to get that pretty crochet stitch speedy handle
  2. There are crochet handle covers you can buy on eBay like this for about $20 I believe
  3. I like the idea of this.. but the rest of the bag will be going under patina process that the handles will just stay light whereas the piping and the tabs on the purse will be a nice soft brown. :sad:
  4. let it change naturally - adds to the character and monokuro is so right, it will look odd later
  5. it can be helpfull especially in the summer when our hands get dirty from swet and suncreme.
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    It's a little bit like buying a beautiful new lounge suite and then leaving the plastic on or throwing a sheet over it so it never gets stays clean, yes, but you can't appreciate the beauty of it when you've covered it up.
  7. I've looked for them and have never seen them. What do they look like?