Creative Gift Ideas on a budget!

  1. Hello Everyone~

    This year has been really big for my BF and I. We recently bought a condo, are completly independent and have two dogs. My question is...

    What gifts can I buy/make on a budget. I have been stalking the internet for some good ideas on what to make for my family this year for X-mas gifts. I also have to make something for my almost in-laws since we are spending Xmas eve with them.

    So what do you guys do if you are on a budget around the holidays? I was thinking of a photo calander for my "in laws" but I am stuck on what to get for my family. Any ideas are much appreciated!

    THANKS!! :angel:
  2. The photo calendar is a great idea. I always find great deal at Victoria's Secret on their lotions and body sprays. Almost all of my female friends/family get either Coach(For the special ones lol!) or Victorias Secret stuff (You can get a really cute gift set for $20.00). For the guys, I say go with gift cards. Even if its only a $15.00 gift card to a place they love, it is still a start to getting them something they want! Ummm, what else.. if you have a business man in the family, then a tie is always a hit lol! Maybe a card holder for someone who has business cards?
    I might be back with more later, but thats all I can think of right now. HTH!
  3. haha thanks!! I like the small amount gift card...that is good. I was also thinking of getting like a basket at a craft store and filling it with little goodies.

    We just don't want to spend to much since we have a mortgage and all. My family totally understands, but my BF's family will think we don't love them if we don't get them a lot...yeah they are crazy people!
  4. Thats a fantastic idea too, as long as you know all the things they love! If one of them likes movies(I have one of those in my family) you can make a basket full of popcorn and theater sized candy, and maybe a movie they love?

    Im kind of crazy(lmao!) but my SIL gave me a matching robe and slippers for Xmas last year and it was one of my favorite presents! I saw the set a few months later at Target and the price was $15.99(yea, I looked-and whaaat? lol!) but I loved it when I opened it, and I love it still, even though it was cheap!

    It kind of depends on how "High Class" the family is. But I know you can get some cute little make-up sets for super cheap at wal-mart. Some people would be appalled at the thought of non-brand makeup, but I think its fun to play around with, and would love to have it as a gift.
  5. That is a cute idea with the movies and the popcorn...I think my BF's dad would love something like that!!

    Or I could put like a gift card in there to buy whatever movie he likes because they have a ton and then still get the candy and popcorn!
  6. I love personalized gift baskets - both giving & receiving. It doesn't have to be filled with expensive things to be a fantastic gift basket! My favorite we gots years back & had these tall giant coffee mugs & coffee - nothing expensive. We're big coffee drinkers & those are still our go to mugs for a BIG cup of coffee!
  7. Hey! lmfao I keep thinking of new ideas!
    You could do a winter themed basket with hot chocolate(or coffee) some cute mugs, maybe a cute little beanie, scarf and gloves. hmmm..I think I am giving myself Xmas gift ideas as well as you!
  8. didnt see this before I posted...
  9. Yeah I was thinking for BF's mom to get her a basket with a photo calender, coffee mug, slippers, a little treat and maybe a mud mask or something to do with beauty.

    I just called my BF too and he loves the ideas of not spending too much and making each gift personalized!
  10. I have a large family of grown and married nieces and nephews with lots of great nieces and nephews and it does get costly buying for everyone. This year I am making gift baskets for each of their families and will probably be doing the movie theme with microwave popcorn, candy and a gift card to Blockbuster. I may buy something small for the kids like books or something.

    I bought my mom a cashmere scarf and will probably do some kind of gift basket for her as well.
  11. not the most creative...but here're some suggestions i can think of: for people who like to go to the cinema, you can get them cinema gift certificate (gift card). or how about a record store gift card (hmv, etc)?

    as for creative gifts, sentimental ones (with photos normally) always make one smile:smile: how about a cushion with a family photo on it?
    you can also get x'mas tree decorations with photo inserts. for my daughter first x'mas, i gave each grandparents a x'mas bauble with my daughter's photo in it as part of the gifts.

    or if you're good at knitting, you can knit something and give it as gifts.

    if you like cooking/baking, you can bake some cookies, put them in a pretty jar (w/ festive decoration). or how about making some lemon curd? everyone loves homemade goodies.
  12. Home made is always good. Cookies, flavored oils, flavored vinegars.

    Baskets and personalized is nice. The movie and popcorn is good, I usually get a big plastic bowl at the dollar store or dollar spot at target, I use paint markers and personalize with a cute "popcorn" on the side. Fill it with yellow tissue, some popcorn bags, a red vines and some chocolate (whatever kind I know they like). If you are really on a budget, you can do a rental (blockbuster or what ever) gift card for $10. or a movie if you know one they will love.

    Bath and body works has amazing outlets if you have one near. You can usually get enough stuff for a big basket for under $15.

    If you have older relatives think about doing something for them, instead of buying...they usually love that...clean out their gutters, wash all their windows, do some gardening.

    HTH :smile:
  13. If there are any boys on the gift basket list last yr I did a small basket with a sportsteam t-shirt & other random sports team items, ipod speakers (found cheap like $10), itunes gift card, blank CDs. Obviously they must have an ipod for some of that stuff to be useful but if they have a favorite sports team you can fill it with that stuff easily & inexpensively - is that even a word?
  14. awesome suggestions thanks guys!!