Creative gift idea!

  1. Hello everyone, My mom and I were planning on buying my sister in law the Hamptons striped signature satchel (in crimson)for her 30th bday next week. She told my brother that she feel in love with it when she saw it a few weeks ago in the boutique. I called to order it tonight, and Just our luck Coach is sold out. So what we have decided to do is get her a gift certificate. I really wanted to get her the actual purse, since that is just soo much more exciting, but since I can't does anyone have any creative and fun ideas on how to wrap the gift certificate or how to present it to her. I would really like to do something more than just putting it in a card.

  2. do they still have the matching wristlet or mini skinny available? it would be cute to put the gift card inside a matching accessory as a consolation prize
  3. Oh GREAT idea!! I just checked the website and they have the wristlet in khaki only. Im going to call JAX now and see if they have it in stock, even if they don't I will just get another wristlet!! Oh I love this idea!! THXS!!:yahoo:
  4. ^^so glad I could help! she will love it!
  5. Exactly, put it in a wristlet or a Mini Skinny. I did this for my Mom for Xmas, bought an LV Cles and filled it with giftcards to Starbucks and some of her other favorite places.
  6. I just called my mom and told her this idea and she started screaming!! she loves it as well!! I'm so excited to do this. I love giving gifts of coach just as much as recieving them!! :yahoo:
  7. The crimson tote is actually sold out company wide! If you see one anywhere, get it! I would get her the wristlet if it's still available though, that way she can have something!
  8. what you could do is print out the picture of the bag and then cut it out and make it 3D and then put the gift certificate in there.
  9. ^^ Such cute ideas! How sweet of you!
  10. one year my brother printed out a picture of the bag I wanted, folded it up, tucked $100 in cash inside and wrote "I'm too lazy to it this"


    more mom went to the outlet and bought some cute accessories...inside an eyeglass case was a gift card. (make sure you get a gift receipt for the accessory you buy JUST IN CASE)

    for my SIS, she's 17, I bought her a gallery mini skinny for christmas, put cash and a starbuck giftcard inside. same with my MIL but with a duffle wristlet.

    I LOVE buy an accessory and "tucking" something inside...makes the gift more fun, IMO.
  11. very creative ideas! I might use some of these too!
  12. Thanks for the great ideas everyone!!

    Handbag ashley - I think that my sister in law would actually like that bag!
    The one she wanted was this one.. ( but in signature)
  13. I like the idea deweydrop and batgirl suggested where you print out a picture of the bag and put the gift certificate in that!
  14. I love both of the ideas!! You gals are very creative! I will for sure do one of them! But I leaning more towards the wrislet idea, either way I will use both ideas at some point.