Creative Director Finally Unveiled!

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  1. better than sarah burton which people thought it was going to be
    but i think...his focus is on dying techniques and colours...i dont think he will do much in the way of interesting structures and shapes.
    so he will probably rehash designs already made and colour it in differently/different material.
  2. I guess at this point it's not confirmed (still a rumour).

    Dior will definitely be showing their Resort 2017 show at Blenheim Palace just an hour away from London, so the article got that part right.

    However, the showing in the UK will not "stir some controversy for the old Parisian Maison", because it is a resort show and Dior travels around the world for that (Dior's resort show has been shown in Shanghai, New York, Cannes, and Monaco).

    As well, it may very well be that Jonathan Saunders has been hired by Dior, but a media leak has revealed the hiring before the brand has. This would be an unfortunate case if it were true, because Dior's official announcement would be anticipated and anti-climatic. If this were the case, Dior should confirm its validity immediately.

    I think that Jonathan Saunders is the most likely candidate by far. His aesthetic is right in line with Raf Simon's. Dior doesn't want a person who comes into the brand and changes the entire aesthetic again, because it would seem that the Dior codes are inconsistent. This would challenge the current direction of the brand to create and reinforce an instantly-recognizable "Dior" look.

    I'm curious to see if they will hire another designer for Haute Couture to reduce "creative exhaustion" which is what Raf Simons claimed to have experienced. I don't think Dior can afford to lose another designer again in a few years time, because the top fashion job seems to have become the job that no one wants.
  3. I must confess to having been somewhat dubious about Jonathan Saunders going to Dior; he designed a capsule collection of bags and wallets for Radley, and I felt it didn't really work. :nogood:

    We will have to wait and see whether Dior can find someone who doesn't burn out...
  4. I just checked out the capsule collection and I agree. Maybe it's the styles of the bags, which I think may be the Radley aesthetic more so than Jonathan Saunder's aesthetic.

    Whoever Dior appoints as Creative Director will only influence the handbag and accessories collections, as those are designed by the creative studios at 30 Avenue Montaigne rather than by the Creative Director. This will mean that Dior bags will continue to have their iconic "Dior" look regardless of who they end up appointing.
  5. I'm trying to recall how long Dior have been doing colour blocking; it's very different to the classic quilting look and yet it has become iconic.

    There are other designers who have followed, but 30 Avenue Montaigne seems to be the powerhouse of that look. I love it! :love:
  6. I know. Seems like the colour-blocking trend has been around for years now. I recall reading about it in 2008, and it was probably from earlier.