Creative and Talented People Please Gather!

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  1. Hey everyone,

    I am in need of everyone's help! For my next assignment, I have to come up with proper slang phrases or novel words. I can barely come up with any but some examples given by my professor are "Lara is very redwoords", "stand-in-line generation", "sleepaholics" and "mimsy". In addition, can you kindly explain what it means or when you tend to use it or hear it?

    Aside from helping me out...I thought it'll be really interesting to learn from each other as well. Please hit me with your creativity and thoughts!
  2. Ummm... is the assignment to gather examples of slang phrases or are you supposed to invent "new" ones yourself?

    I ask, because you could probably go to urbandictionary or google "modern slang phrase" to gather them.. but to invent new ones is beyond me! LOL
  3. Haha both works! I've seen a lot on TPF but I can't trace them again. Oh and good suggestions Junkenpo! =)