Create your own beauty products!!! (Beauty recipes)

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  1. So my New Year's resolution was to be a healthier, happier, and a more well-balanced, frugal me. I've been dabbling in create-your-own products. Do-it-yourself, natural beauty products - etc. I've done research (and it helps that over the past 2 years I've lived in a shared house with many, many house mates - many differing personalities and tastes) - and have decided to forego my Frederick Fekkai apple cider rinse for real apple cider vinegar, creating my own clarifying rinse with products found in one's pantry (good website about this found here:! Anyway, on that note - I found a great "recipe" for a "sugar body scrub" - it works 10x better than any scrub I've used prior (for a fraction of the cost!) and is gentle enough for body and face. Plus, it was fun to create! You can mix and match and add different ingredients to soothe different needs, etc. This is the recipe I used:

    Relaxing Sugar Body Scrub/Polish
    1/2 cup brown sugar
    1/2 cup pure cane sugar - granulated
    Enough olive oil to make a thick paste like substance (like what a typical scrub looks like)
    1/2 orange, squeezed into the mix
    1/2 lemon, squeezed into the mix
    A few drops of Lavender essential oil, for a calming effect (different oils can be substituted here - or no oil at all. I've heard of people using Tea Tree oil for their face scrubs. Alot of people seem to like vanilla oil as well)
    About a t-spoon or so of honey

    *Some people say adding a bit of mashed avocado to the mix is really great for your skin (protein) as well :yes:

    Buy a nice jar for your scrub or simply clean out a container (I cleaned out a container that had Chinese egg drop soup to hold my scrub) and wah-lah! The scrub cleans out pores and exfoliates skin, the acidity of the orange and lemon clarify and cleanse skin, and the olive oil replaces the moisture the scrub itself removes. After using it simply wash off - your skin will feel so soft! :tup:

    Do you have any all natural beauty product recipes you'd like to share? Join in the fun and post em' here! :yahoo:
  2. hehe "wah-lah" ...

    I sometimes make an oil to remove make up with almond or jojoba oil and chamomile essential oil (you can also add lavender, rose, orange, etc depending on which one you like).
  3. The sugar scrub sounds like a great idea. I like using egg white as a face masque because it tightens pores and gives skin a great glow. If you have dry skin, use some yolk mixed with the white. I also really like the aspirin masque with plain yogurt added to give a bit of an astringent effect.
  4. I made an apple cider rinse last night infused with rosemary (supposedly amazing for your hair) and a few drops of lavender oil. You cook it and you fridge it until you're ready to use it. Then you shampoo, rinse - and then use the rinse. Rinse out - no conditioner (though I used a bit of leave-in after my shower). My hair feels SO strong, soft, and healthy! I'm actually amazed!
  5. This will sound totally idiotic... but I read it in a magazine years ago and use it every once in awhile. Stale beer on your hair in the shower strips chemicals and restores shine. I swear it works!
  6. ^^^ and I bet it smells sex-y :lol:
  7. i've heard about the beer and hair one but i've never tried it. i've heard of mayo in hair too
  8. don't do it before a work meeting! :roflmfao:
  9. i haven't tried beer in my hair, but i did try mayo when i was in high school. i had an allergic reaction to it, and haven't tried it since.