Create a Snowflake for Charity

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  1. A friend sent me this's so neat! I just made several snowflakes and it's been almost 80 degrees here this week! :P A donation will be made to the Salvation Army based on how many snowflakes are made.

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  2. that's addictive! and for a good cause! yay!
  3. DEFIANTLY A GREAT IDEA!! if everyone on here makes a few they could definatly get more money
  4. I did one, and I might do another one later.
  5. Oooh, that's neat! Make a snowflake everyone!
  6. Thanks for sharing, very cool!
  7. Very cool! It's so addicting
  8. That's fun!! weeeeeeeee!
  9. What a great idea! So fun!

    I just made 2!
  10. This is a lot of fun.
  11. Very fun and for such a great cause!!! Thanks for posting!
  12. Very nice. I made two.
  13. I made a whole bunch. Look for 2902156!
  14. damn there is too much traffic, i only got to make 1! i can't connect right now. =( that was fun tho!
  15. I made several and sent them to friends so hopefully THEY will make some as well!! It's so fun!