Creasing on brand new Chanel lambskin flap

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  1. Hello everyone!
    I hope you are all well :smile: I recently purchased a black lambskin Chanel mini flap from the Chanel boutique. When I got home I noticed there's a crease line on the back of the flap with the bag closed (I have attached some photos). Normally, the crease line would appear when you open the bag but in this case the bag is closed and the line can still be seen.

    I do understand creases would develop over time with use but is it normal for a brand new bag to have crease lines? For those ladies/gents that have lambskin flaps (new or used), do you see a crease line when the bag is closed?

    Thanks so much in advance for your help :smile:

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  2. Omg...its actually the same happened with blue mini i got from boutique!!! I didnt return it yet...and its been 2weeks. I thought some leather can be like that. Its the same spot, on the left. I was scared the crease can break the flap into two hahahaha....r u gonna return it?
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  3. I think this happens to most lambskin flaps. Is yours being displayed or tried on by other customers prior you buying it?
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  4. Thanks for replying. My SA said they only just received it. But it sure does look like a display piece.
  5. Possibly. But the ceases is going to happen on the lambskin eventually, it's the nature of the leather :smile:
  6. A crease where the flap opens will develop over time on lambskin bags. It looks like the process has started, as expected once a lambskin bag starts to get some use. I wouldn't be concerned with it at all. If you don't like the look of the crease, maybe you should opt for another type of leather for your bag.
  7. I got a lamb mini few weeks ago and saw the same crease line. It's probably normal and it'll develop over time anyway. I ended up returning it though.
  8. Totally normal for a lambskin
  9. i agree, totally normal! after all, lambskin is coming from a live animal and each animal is unique and will have its own characteristic skin. they are not airbrushed, photoshopped or edited!!! :giggle: but i do have to say that the recent lambskin feels more "tough" compared to my lambskin from prior seasons (i have a jumbo from 2013 and a vintage diana from '96 that both feel much softer and more delicate). although it doesn't feel as luxurious, i think this is a bonus bc of the durability factor!! btw, you can get the wrinkle out by just literally ironing it out with a flat iron with a thick cloth in between to distribute the heat evenly and not damage the lambskin. i've seen this work wonders on lambskin bags!! there are a few posts on here of others doing this and it works!! (caution: i would do a small test patsh first and do at your own discretion)
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  10. Hi, I have a caviar woc and a metallic calf boy, both are developing the same crease on the back. It just happens with use. :smile:
  11. Hi! Congrats on your new mini, I just purchased a lambskin mini last month and it didn't have creases when I received it but after the first week of using it I noticed them, tbh it's not a big deal to me ( it may be to others). It will happen eventually, enjoy your mini!
  12. My vote is totally normal - all of my lambskin bags look like this -- some are worse, even!
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  13. I have been obsessed with similar issues with my Chanel. They cost a good deal of money so we scrutinize them constantly. I baby my bags but with that said there are certain things like this that with any use at all it will happen. I have come the the conclusion that I will do whatever I can to baby my bags but at the same time we purchased them to use. Enjoy your bag and don't worry about this as it is completely normal.
  14. I haven't seen this on my black lambskin mini flap, but I've only used it a handful of times. I also don't bend the flap all the way back or anything, if that has anything to do with it.

    I will say that caviar creases too - I saw many caviar boy bags on display where the flap was creased and wrinkled in weird spots.
  15. I got my black caviar mini flap last year July and used it quite often. 2-3 times a week. It holds up really well. See pic. Or maybe you should consider caviar mini?
    1472030975420.jpg 1472030982471.jpg