Creasing leather?


Feb 17, 2016
I should preface this by saying I am probably unreasonably OCD about this kind of stuff.

My Siena MM is a couple of months old. The tabs on the side where the strap connects are super creased (see pic). I don't know why. I imagine they catch on clothing and I don't notice it.

Is there anything that can be done to soften this look? Does leather conditioner work on this kind of leather? I use Cadillac conditioner on my older vachetta and it all looks really nice and smooth. Not sure if anything can be done here because of the way the leather is coated/treated.

I just don't like how this makes a nearly new bag look worn out.

IMG_1493493456.310240.jpg o IMG_1493493456.310240.jpg

Deleted member 20806

If you look at bags such as the Speedy B, Keepall, or any bag with attachment at the sides, it's likely creasing will happen due to the sides being where the stress points are. Weight seems to make the leather ripple and crease..... and i doubt you can make it softer especially since damier ebene leather has some sort of plastic-y coating and that doesn't smooth out


May 30, 2014
I returned a bag in DE within weeks due to this and was given a brand new bag BUT the new one is creasing too although not nearly as bad LOL!! Its the nature of DE treated leather. BTW, your leather creasing is nowhere near as bad as my original bag I exchanged. Just like our faces wrinkle and crease, so does good ol' leather. Just carry your beautiful bag and try not to worry about it too much, your gonna drive yourself crazy. I hope that makes you breathe a little easier before people start saying it's super "defective" and the like. I love my newly exchanged bag-wrinkles and all. Just like my face!! Enjoy her.