Creases on Soft Spongy Del Rey

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  1. #1 Apr 23, 2014
    Last edited: Apr 23, 2014
    Recieved my Del Rey this afernoon from Kafka. Description on site said Matt leather but its actually Soft Spongy which i am happy about because i prefer it. Does anyone else have a soft spongy Del Rey and did it have creases in when new which relaxed overtime ? I have added images of the bag fresh out of the box with its stuffing in and you can see the sides are quite creased but having taken the stuffing out it had relaxed slightly. My Soft Spongy Lily leather is perfect and feels more stuctured but maybe because there is less of it. If anyone can tell me their experience of this i would be grateful. I am also going to let her relax a bit before i make up my mind regarding her fete. Also, its been a long time since i had a bag with stiff handles, can someone remind me how long they take to soften please !



  2. You know me, I m really picky so feel free to ignore me. From the front she looks perfect, however I wasn't expecting to see the sides that slouchy.

    I remember you had doubts over the SBS you got in the sales and to be honest I think you will be more bothered by these sides.

    Personally I don't think this leather is right for this bag, it is the same as the Daria isn't it? If it is, it's likely to get more wrinkles over time. Mine isn't too bag as lightly used, but my bosses is really wrinkly.

    I think you will definitely need a base shaper it full insert for this.

    Not helping you am I?
  3. #3 Apr 23, 2014
    Last edited: Apr 23, 2014
    Congrats on your new del rey Geddes. I've got one of these (a preloved find) and tend to fill it so that the shape looks better. Mine has lots of creases on the back and sides as well - it'll either be one of those things that will not bother you or will really annoy you if you like your bags to be structured. My handles aren't too stiff so hopefully it shouldn't take too long to loosen. It's a great bag and is perfect in any weather - I've been caught in a heavy downpour several times with it and it still looks as good as new. Enjoy
  4. No, be quiet :biggrin: Front back and one of the sides is better than the other. I remembered i had the pink Effie in Spongy leather and some of them were creased where as mine wasnt. Yes you might be right about the leather not being right maybe its just not good for such a large bag ?. I am not a structured person so slouch isnt a problem. I will let it sit and will watch it for a few days see how i feel.
  5. The leather and rain is a huge bonus, at least it will give my Mitzy a rest :smile: And you are right you either dont mind creases or you hate them, for me it depends on the leather.
    I used my LV Speedy today and am begining to like it (after ignoring it for most of the time i have had it) now the handles are turning golden colour. Maybe i should just stick with that, good size, light weight..... I may just be talking myself out of the Del Rey................:thinking:
  6. Phew thought i'd upset you, especially after Ria congratulated you, so belated congrats......I just thought they may bother you after time if they didn't drop out.

    My effie was bad or I though, nearly sent her back and then after use and some stuffing, she was perfect.

    Fingers crossed it works out.
  7. I think half of it is via mail order you obviously arnt able to make your own decision on what bag. I probably would have walked away from this one had i seen it in store but realistically there is nothing wrong with it just personal preferences. But i also wondered why i wasnt buzzing at buying a new bag and thought it could be because we know the brand or get to know the bag so well that by the time i usually make up my mind the excitment has waned slightly.
    The days ahead will tell
  8. Louliu71 ..........Are you still buying Pandora ?
  9. Lol....possibly ;( actually I was bought another bracelet as a leaving gift and it all went down hill from then.

    What about you?
  10. I know what you mean, your right to give her a chance...... I still get excited, sad I know but I am still new to owning the brand
  11. No, i gave it a rest. Did buy the silver and gold xmas tree and oxydised flower basket in the sale very cheaply at chritmas but i cant cope with the decision making and adding those two to the bracelet has totally thrown me and needs re-arranging. My sanity cant do it anymore !
  12. Yes I had a snake, swapped for an essence, swapped back to a snake..... To finally settle on an essence. Was happy with that them DD got me a charm for Mother's Day and it upset the balance (naturally not as ungrateful as it sounds).

    I had to ban myself from here for a while to sort my head out ..... If I could an emotion it would be the the nuts one!

    It didn't last and I too have fallen off the sofa this week.
  13. Spill then !
  14. You can have the limelight for a while, plus I haven't managed to smuggle it in the house yet.

    I must say it was a very brave move for's not black or oak.
  15. Thats not fair !!:biggrin: You will have to give me a nudge when you reveal ! Hope its a nice pop of colour for summer.