Creases on my SPEEDY...HELP!!! ? Heat stamping?

  1. Hi, I've had my mono speedy 25 for about 1 year now and i've stored it for 6 months with stuffing in it for the creases to disappear. (The creases are from when LV stores the bags flat). It still hasn't straighted out and I don't wanna wear my speedy with the creases showing cause i'm afraid it will look fake. What do I do? :sad:

    PS: I heard of heat stamping on speedies. How much does that cost and how does it look? How many initials can you put on, how long does it take and does any one have pics??? THANKS!!! :yes:
  2. Heatstamping Cost: $0

    Let me see if I can bump the thread up for you.
  3. What if you leave your speedy stuffed tight on a sunny day near a window. Maybe the heat would straighten that out.
  4. I had the creases when I first got my bag. There is an old thread about it. I just carried it as much as I could and they eventually (mostly) dissapeared!!
  5. can i take a bag bought from eluxury and take it into the store to get heatstamped?
  6. I love the heat stamping.
  7. i don't see why not. where you originally bought it shouldn't be an issue. i doubt they'd even ask...
  8. ok thanks killerlife :biggrin:
  9. I'd try stuffing the bag with more "stuff" (please excuse the lack of a better noun) and leaving it in your car or by a windowsil.

    Heatstamping is free, but a lot of locations have to send the bag elsewhere to get it done. I personally like it only in wallets and on luggage tags. It's really visible on the speedy's handles, and sometimes the stamping isn't straight. Plus, if you ever try to sell it, the value will go way, way down. (That's why I like it on the luggage tags: less obvious and replaceable at resell while still maintaining the customized look)
  10. for the heat-stamping on the luggage-tags - do you have to buy the tags from LV? or do they do it only for bags tt come with it?