Creases on it normal??

  1. I received my LM last week and have been wearing it non-stop since then. I LOVE it! However, I'm starting to notice that the leather creases on the band at the top. Does this happen to your bags, too? I know that the leather is softening up with use but I think that huge crease looks SO odd! Please tell me it's normal! LOL It's really starting to bother me because I'm not sure if it should be happening??...:crybaby:

    Edited to say... I'm not saying it's a defect. Maybe it's the way I carry the bag? Maybe it's the phone in the inside pocket that's weighting it down and causing it to crease? I really don't know...
    IMG_5123.jpg IMG_5122.jpg IMG_5124.jpg
  2. likeafeather77 ~ excellent question! I don't have this bag so I can't speak to this personally; however, considering its drawstring cinched closure with metal grommets, gravity, and whatever you may be carrying, yes, I think this may be common as its located near the strap, which carries the weight of the bag ~ even if the content weight is being distributed throughout the bag interior.

    Is it happening on both sides? Front and back?

    I am very interested in hearing what the BE ladies with Love Me bags have to say about this. I also wonder if this is more common with the Crash leathers, or if it is simply prevalent in the thinner leathers such as the Glossies. I also wonder if this happens less with the Matte leathers.

    Thanks for posting your photos and for asking this question ~ I am personally interested because of the newer bags coming out in the fall with the leather loop closures.

  3. hmm do you tightly tighten the ends? I've been wearing my LM longer then you have but I don't think I notice creases after all this time. I went to look at my bag now and it seems like it has smaller ones but nothing bothersome that I noticed. It's hard to tell from the pic how creased it is since you can't feel if the crease is big/normal. The top area and bottom area seem to be squishiest and broken in. Perhaps other can chime in and be of more help!
  4. likeafeather: NM I think it's normal. I looked at my new Purple LMM and it looked like there was a crease. I don't think it detracts from the looks at all since it's barely noticeable, especially if you cinch the ends.
  5. I think I have a crease like this in my dark grey matte leather LM, but it's in a different spot. With my bag, it's definitely how I lay it when I store it, or how I wear it. The crease in mine is an area that is lighter in color than the surrounding area...but the creases move depending on how I wear the bag, what I put in the bag, and how I store it LOL!

    Anyway, I decided that I wasn't going to be a spazz with my matte dark grey LM, since it seems like the type of bag that is meant to look broken my Indulge Me is a different story! I think that one is meant to be a "neat, tidy, pretty" bag for me...
  6. I don't cinch it in at all! I moved the "stoppers" all the way down because I don't have the patience for them! LOL

    The crease is only in this spot. It doesn't move around...

    I think that it's there because of the way it was stored / shipped to me / the way I carry it with a cell phone in the pocket. :sad: I just wish it wasn't in the front!!
  7. ^^likeafeather, can you shift where you store your cell phone temporarily and try to flatten out that area? Maybe hang your bag for a day or two and see if it changes anything?
  8. Hanging the bag wouldn't really do anything. The only way the leather would look smooth in that area is if I literally pull the front of the bag up. I don't think there's anything that can be done... Just love it the way it is? With flaws and all? LOL

    And it seems that it's only the outside part that creases...the inside part of the top of the bag is fine. :confused1:
  9. Could you maybe place something heavy/flat on top of the crease for a day and see if it flattens out? I think it's probably wearing in that's doing that. Don't stress too much about it. I barely noticed it on your bag! :smile: I don't really see that as an imperfection and it's definitely not as noticeable as having a big scratch on the area.
  10. Just checked my pewter crash LM and it creases a bit too. Doesn't look, bad though. I think it has something to do with the interaction of the slouchy leather and the lining. Personally, I wouldn't worry about it.
  11. Well, this may be a little daunting, but I was thinking of hanging it in the creased by maybe the (cinch) strap part just above the crease? I have to look at my LM to see the way the cinch straps are....

    Like the other gals have said, I wouldn't worry about it..soon enough it will be well broken in and I don't think it will be noticeable....
  12. likeafeather777 ~ I looked at your photos again, and this crease is at the center of your bag between the metal grommets. I do think this is normal for this bag in this design, because of how you carry your bag coupled with gravity. I wonder if you carried your bag backwards (not that you would ever do this, mind you), if a crease would appear on the back side.

    I'm just speculating here and have no hard evidence as I do not own this bag, although, I'm thinking this is inherent to this design with this leather.

    To me, it does not take anything away from your bag or its aesthetic. I think it is simply a mark of a loved bag from being worn and used.
  13. Before I go to hit the hay (was up last night doing taxes until 4AM!) I wanted to say, after studying my LM, that I believe this assessment forwarded by dsrk is the exact explanation for the "crease phenomenon." Night y'all!
  14. Goodnight Agent valkyrie360 ~ see you later at our usual rendevous point. ;)

  15. My Black Crash LM creases around the top band and I don't mind at all, but it IS there.

    Personally, I think it's part of the charm and slouch factor of the bag and shows that it's softening up with time and use.

    So, to answer your question, mine has something similar and it doesn't bother me in the least and you're not wearing it or doing anything wrong!