Creases on handles of a brand new Mono Speedy 25?

  1. My sister arrived back home today after a business trip in HK, where she purchased a Mono Speedy 25.I guess she didn't do a thorough enough inspection at the store, because today, upon more careful inspection, she noticed that the under-side and the ends of the handles are already showing signs of creasing. I thought the creasing was due to the fact that she already started using the bag, but she confirmed that she only took the bag out of its original packaging today and that she did not use it at all in HK.

    Is it normal for a brand new bag to show signs of creasing, or did she get a pre-used/returned bag?
  2. What do you mean? Could the creases be from it being folded into a box?
  3. I don't think she necessarily got a used bag but it could be the way the bag was folded to be shipped. That said, did she order it from elux or buy it from a boutique?
  4. BTW, the creases from it being folded in the box will eventually go away. :yes:
  5. Would the way that the bag was folded really have an impact on the handles? The handles are quite sturdy and hard, and I don't think the way the bag is folded would subject it to creases. She purchased it from the Louis Vuitton Hong Kong Lee Gardens.

    I don't have a digicam to take a pic, but I will try to find a pic to illustrate the situation!
  6. It that case I don't know. I was assuming that the handles may have been folder strangely to have the creases in them.
  7. Okay, it's not a Mono Speedy, but it's the closest I can find (source of pic: xLAUx). The creasing is not as bad as in the pic, but it's still evident. So the question is....are brand new Speedy handles supposed to be 100% crease-free, or is there some crease evident?
  8. I think there are supposed to be creases there becasue of the curve....cant remember on my mono but my damier and mini lin had it
  9. it's normal
  10. I purchased my Damier 30 quite recently but I've already been using it alot and with quite a heavy load as well, so mine does have some creasing. Unfortunately, I wasn't astute enough to know whether those creases were there when I first purchased it.

    BTW, Cecilia : HI!!! I think of you every time I pass by LV Oglivy's hehe.
  11. I think it's pretty normal.

  12. I have the Damier Speedy 25 and Damier 30 and they both have the creases (wrinkles) on the underside of the handle like the picture you included in this posting. I think since the brown leather is smooth and maybe not as flexible, it tends to wrinke on the inside of the handles. However, the topside of the handles look perfect! (I can only feel the wrinkles when I'm holding the handles in my hand but no one would notice when the Damier Speedy is being carried.)

    I also checked my Mono Speedy 30 for wrinkles on the underside of the handle, but it's smooth as well as on the top of the handle. The vachetta leather seems more pliable than the brown Damier leather.
  13. Yep, my Damier is smooth on the top, a bit wrinkley on the bottom - just like yours! I got it this past Tuesday but I've been using it excessively and with a pretty heavy load, so I don't know if it was originally like that when I first purchased it.

    In any case, thanks for all the responses so far. I'm going to show this thread to my sister tomorrow in hopes of calming her down hehe. She's absolutely hysterical and heartbroken at the moment (...but then again - she should've inspected it more thoroughly :shrugs: )

  14. When I first got my Damier Speedy 25 I remember that the handles were smooth and then all of a sudden they were wrinkled! I thought it was weird but since you could only feel it and not see it, I decided not to let it bother me. But, maybe it does have to with putting a lot of stuff in the bag and it gets weighed down which then adds stress to the handles when you hold it.

    I hope your sister feels better about her new purse!
  15. The handles on my Speedy 30 from eLux are much different than any of my other bags. They are rough, almsot porous liek and they are much mroe "pleated" on the underside than any of my other bags new or used. I was told at LV this is normal, different batches of handles, the way they are rolled, different batches of leather, etc. etc. So I guess it's normal.