Creases on a chanel tote

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  1. Does anyone know how to get rid of creases on a tote? This bag has been stored upright on a shelf that is not quite tall enough, and as a result the back of the bag has some creases and the handles lean toward the back:s
    I would like to straighten up the bag but not sure if it is possible. This is in caviar leather. Thanks for your help.
    07b1_3.jpg 0648_3.jpg
  2. Sorry to hear this happened to your beauty but When this happenes to my bags I just stuff it with a bunch of tshirt and leave it for a few. Weeks. Its pretty much has fixed it or reverse the severity of the damage
  3. I'd put it somewhere warm, like in the car or near a window and stuff it completely full for a while. I'd always store it completely stuffed as well.
  4. My first instinct would be to put it back on the same shelf but the opposite way to see if the creased side goes away....then after a while take it out and stuff it. :heart:H
  5. ^oh I agree! I missed that important nugget!
  6. Good idea!
  7. I recently bought a Medallion tote on eBay and the seller bent it backwards a little bit to make it fit in the box. It had that same slant. I just gently bent it in the opposite direction and straightened it back upright. The crease went away and the bag looks fine!
  8. Thanks for the great advices. I will try it out.
  9. HOpe everything works out.!