Creased/ wrinkling canvas??

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  1. Hi everyone, looking for a bit of advice on a preloved alma that arrived today. Love the bag but I've not seen wrinkling canvas before!?! Should I be concerned? I can return the bag if you think it will become a problem. Many thanks

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  2. If it bothers you I would return it. It seems like it has more creases than I am used to seeing even on a vintage bag. If you like the character of it then keep it. Me personally, I would return it.
  3. Those wrinkles will iron out easily! :lol:

    Lovely patina though.
  4. I would return it. The wrinkles are plain ugly.
  5. I am all for vintage but honestly the wrinkles on this piece would bother me. There are plenty nice vintage Alma's with no wrinkles out there, I would return it.
  6. Return it
    Wait for the one to satisfaction
  7. Thanks everyone, I've decided to return it and wait for a better one. Is wrinkling a common problem? It's not something I've seen before and have only bought new before so wasn't sure if it was a fault or something to be expected on older models. Thanks
  8. I am thinking that little rescue has been through some very traumatic events. Poor baby.
  9. My new DA SpeedyB25 has wrinkles from being boxed up. Do you think it will smooth out over time?

  10. Yes, definitely.
  11. It was an old vintage bag so it's hard to tell what it has been through over the years, but one of the main causes for canvas wrinkling is improper storage. If it was a soft sided design then the wrinkles could be coaxed smooth with usage and time but because the Alma is more rigid it makes it more difficult.
  12. I've packaged it back up now but the date code ended 1100, doesn't that make it 2010? If so I was surprised at the condition given the age!!
  13. Some people only carry one bag at a time. I have a friend who carries one LV bag every single day until it's literally TRASH, then she buys a new one.
  14. For whatever reason I was under the impression that the bag was vintage, not just 6 years old! So I was wrong on the age but I'm still willing to bet I was right about the rough life...don't blame you for wanting to send it back.
  15. My mom was not into designer bags, and i dont have a concept of designer bags either before, so when my aunt gave my mom her old lv (in prestine condition), we just stored it inside the cabinet and we seldom use it. We live in a very humid place so over time, the canvas wrinkled and broke. It took 7 to 10 years though (if i remember it correctly). Now that im into buying designer's bags, i hope i could travel back in time and ill take good care of that bag.