Crease on side panel of new Birkin

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  1. Could use some help as we just noticed a problem with the wife’s new Birkin. As you’ll see in the picture, there is a uniform crease across the side panel of the Novillo leather. No crease on other side nor on front or back panel.

    Any ideas? My guess is that it came from Paris like this as I can’t figure how it would form this naturally without a) happening to the front and side panels as well nor b) the middle fold has the crease in it as well and should support the rest of the side panel.

    This also happens to be a newish leather and in searching, I’ve seen this happens to Epsom but only after improper storage for a while. This is her second time using the bag as she just unboxed it last week for Mother’s Day.

  2. I don't see the crease that you are mentioning. Overall though I think your panel looks fine. Hope your wife enjoys the new bag!
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    Yes, I see the lateral crease. I can't imagine it would cause any near or long-term problems with this gorgeous bag. It would never have made it from Paris to your boutique for sale if the craftsman viewed it as an issue. That being said, that crease is now the only thing I see when I look at your posted picture. Do you and your wife think you can live with the crease? Is it the only thing you see or think about when using the bag? Answer those questions honestly and remember that you can always request guidance from your boutique. Options abound!
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  4. Throwing this out there... I think it’s from the bag being strapped close. I have the exact same mark on my birkins though for the most part I only see it from the inside (mine are togo). I think when they are cinched closed, there is a natural bend in this area. I panicked initially, but after looking at a fair number of bags online most had the same thing. I wouldn’t worry. Enjoy the lovely bag :smile:
  5. I can take a picture of mine in the morning for you if that a helpful. Interested to hear if others have ideas on the potential cause also.
  6. ohhh I see the crease now! The one going across!

    OP, I think as the bag is used the leather may smooth out and the crease will be gone. I wouldn't worry and enjoy the bag. But you can always bring it back to the boutique for further examination!
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  7. I have the same crease on both of the side panels of my barenia B. I agree with TeeCee77 - I think it has to do with the natural bend in that area when the bag is cinched closed. I think it’s normal and wouldn’t worry about it.
  8. Normal
  9. I appreciate everyone’s feedback. I was worried about it more than the wife. When she showed it to me, she said it’s noticeable because it’s a bright color and once she starts beating the bag up from use, that the crease would be the least of our worries.
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