Crease on a new bag?

  1. Hey guys! Thanks to everyone's helpful input, I got my first LV (mono speedy 30) from eluxury. And I may be being unreasonably anal but when eluxury packaged my bag, they had folded it in such a way that my bag has a horizontal crease on each side of the bag. Now, is this normal and will the crease go away? I thought about calling elxury but I already took the plastic off my handles so I don't think I can exchange it or anything. Has anyone else experienced this?
  2. The creases will go away in time. Just stuff it with t-shirts and let it sit for a while or maybe just start using it, but the creases will go away. I wouldn't recommend storying your bags folded though....
  3. That's how mono speedies (and I heard the recent shipments of damier speedies) are shipped to eluxury and the store. Eluxury didnt purposely package it like that.

    Like peace43 said, stuff it with tshirts and it'll go away
  4. if you over stuff the bag with a towel or bed sheet and place in front of a window ( at the sun) the sun will warm up the bag and help remove the creases,
    BTW congrat's on the speedy. I have a new one arriving tomorrow.
  5. Whew, I'm sooo glad to hear always, thanks for the quick replies! And I am running to get T-shirts to stuff my bag with..RIGHT NOW!
  6. that is how LV packages a speedy. all speedys, and keepalls are packaged the same, and all have the same creases.

    if you exchange it for another one, you will get one with the same crease/folds. the only way you won't get it with the crease/folds is if it's used and on display.. but of course, those aren't new. lol.
  7. tshirts, pillows work well too..
  8. A little annoying, isn't it? And my dustbag only fits if I fold the bag like it was originally. Oh well! Like everyone said, stuff it with something and the creases will come out.
  9. This is actually a good way of storing the bags when travelling, as extra luggage for all the shopping.;)
  10. Yeah! Glad you get the speedy! Mine have creases as well, but just stuff it up, if you can't store it in the dustbag stuffed, use pillow case instead. Some warmth will definitely speed up the process of getting those creases out, but it might also speed up the patina process as well :smile:
  11. Good idea! A speedy holds a lot!
  12. Congrats on your Speedy... yup the creases are normal. Speedys are packed like that in the stores too. They'll go away with constant use of the bag. Enjoy!
  13. That is good to know you got plastic on your handles..fresh speedy you got!! and btw, you can return it even if you removed the plastic!!