Crease in new LV Danube

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  1. 829DFE6B-EA7C-43D6-8C0D-F23FDA689FCB.jpeg 6B953D08-1D8C-470A-A295-5920A855A60D.jpeg 829DFE6B-EA7C-43D6-8C0D-F23FDA689FCB.jpeg 6B953D08-1D8C-470A-A295-5920A855A60D.jpeg 829DFE6B-EA7C-43D6-8C0D-F23FDA689FCB.jpeg Hello from Brooklyn!

    I recently bought my first LV bag 2 weeks ago and have loved it so far. I have noticed recently that a crease has developed.

    I was wondering if anyone had any advice on why this is happening and how to fix this crease.

    To me it looks like my bag is smiling and I cant unsee that now! Now I wear it the way around for the time time being.

    See pics below..
    Please help. Thanks -Tony
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  2. I advise you to take this bag back to Louis Vuitton. Although this is soft leather, this crease is very pronounced and unsightly. I don’t think it should look like this after 14 days of use. Good luck.
  3. It is clearly forming between the 2 stress points where the strap is connected. I fear that the Shadow might not be an ideal material for the Danube design.
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  4. That smile is making me laugh .... it’s so funny but I agree with others that this is not normal.... tell them you want a bag that’s not constantly smiling
  5. Are you able to loosen the strap - it looks stressed from maybe being to close to your body when you are wearing it?
    The top part of the bag seems to be pushing down and may have caused the “smile” to form.
    Either way I would bring it in For evaluation because it’s only 2 weeks old.
    Good Luck - let us know the outcome!
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  6. I do see the smile now and can't unseen it too! hope you can get this fixed or replaced!
  7. Maybe position the bag more forward. Love the look of the leather myself. :smile:
  8. To me it looks like the bag is misshapen on the lower right hand side - the piping seems to curve in a lot which I think is creating the pulling across the bag or crease. I would take it back myself.
  9. Thanks for the advice everyone. I will bring it to one of their stores here tomorrow and see what they say.
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  10. I agree that you should wear the bag looser... the way it's pressed up against your body it seems like the top part is being folded forward which worsens the smile line....
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  11. Does anyone else see a teenage mutant ninja turtle face?
  12. I was going to say that as well. But with kidding aside, I don't mind it at all. I'd rather have a smiling bag than a frowning one. It just shows the leather has soften. I love the LV Danube collection.
  13. Danube is the name of the bag, not the name of the collection.
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