Creamy Pink Woven Alexa

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  1. It was just a complete dream hon, can only imagine how dreamy it would be to get married there - wow!!

    We only had 3 weeks notice before we knew we were going as DH got it as a reward through work, so I still keep closing my eyes and wondering if it was all just an incredible dream :smile:
  2. Thanks for answering, I'm dying to find it!! Did you buy yours in an outlet? The only one I know is in Bicester, right? I'll let you know if I get the chance to find this little beautiful thing :smile:
  3. No, I found mine at a dept store called Wheelers, but they only ever got one in stock so I pounced on it at sale time when it went on sale :graucho:
  4. They had these in Shepton Mallet two weeks ago

  5. Thanks for the tips! I have been dying to find out some tips on how to handle the colour transfer! :smile:
  6. It's beautiful and elegant :smile: love the alexa!!
  7. Great bag I just love the soft colour good choice! :smile:
  8. Are any of you ladies looking to sell your woven alexa? I'm looking for one to purchase.

    Thanks in advance!:biggrin:
  9. Emily3: please check "mulberry shopping" subforum.
    Soliciting to buy or sell in threads is against tpf rules, as I understand them.