Creamy Pink Woven Alexa

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  1. Well ! Congratulations too. I can see why you're all drawn to her. She's a cutey x
  2. YAY!!! loving my bag twin :biggrin:

    Did you just waterstop yours hon? I was going to spray her for the first time tomorrow before I take the protective plastic off.
    Did you treat it with anything else as well :smile:
  3. woohoooo !!! What a beautiful family of triplets :lol: congrats

    aren't they gorgeous bags - I think managing to get it on sale is really going to help me just use and enjoy this bag too :yes:
  4. Gorgeous! Woven is so cute, makes the bag even more special. Enjoy her :smile:
  5. What do you do to remove transfer please ??
  6. She's absolutely lovely! Congrats on such a fabulous new bag and deal:flowers:
  7. When I first got it, I treated her with Colonil gel. The following day I sprayed her with Colonil spray too. When I wear my dark blue jeans I always get blue colour transfer especially on the braided bits as they're more raised, so I remove it with a make-up face wipe. I use Soap & Glory one from Boots. I dab it gentley then use a soft tissue to wipe it when I'm out. If I'm at home, I dab a little Colonil gel and wipe it with a soft cloth and that gets rid of it too, but for severe or dark transfer I use face wipes.
  8. Gorgeous one CB, love the subtle woven trim which is actually makes the bag more structured I guess, lovely colour for all year round.

    Congrats to others who scored this as well!!!

    Mod pics in order me thinks... :woohoo:
  9. #24 Apr 21, 2014
    Last edited: Apr 21, 2014
    Hi, chloe-babe and everyone,

    I'm from France and I saw someone wearing this bag and I've been looking for it since then. Can you tell me if we still can buy it somewhere?

    Thanks :smile:
  10. Absolutely gorgeous, the leather looks fantastic and the woven edging so eye catching and different.

    Congrats on a fabulous bag, glad to hear you won't be afraid to use it :P carry her lots, deserves to be shown off
  11. Very pretty it will be perfect for you and what a bargain
  12. Its actually from last summer, so the only places to find it now I guess may be outlets or on ebay.

    Hope you find one - they are beautiful bags :tup:
  13. Thanks sweetie

    I used her on my holiday to Maui and LA and was thinking the weather is nice enough now to use her again :yes:

    will take her out to play this week :biggrin:

  14. Maui ..........beautiful island :hbeat: My son got married on Kauai, which was a dream wedding on the beach. We made the most of our time there and extended our vacation to visit some of the other Hawaiian Islands ............would love to go back some day.
  15. I envy you. I have the same alexa and love it to death. However I got it with only 35% discount :crybaby: . It is difficult to keep clean but worth it.