Creamy,dreamy in person, pics finally...

  1. Sorry guys it's taken a while to be able to make pics I really avoid taking pics of my bags with hubby around:shame:.

    This bag is really beautiful :heart: it got here right on time for spring!;)
    DSCN4316.jpg DSCN4317.jpg DSCN4319.jpg DSCN4320.jpg
  2. Wow, lovely. Beautiful garden too!:heart:
  3. Oh!! So cute!! perfect for Spring!! Enjoy your bag!!!

  4. Love your bag! It really is gorgeous :smile: :heart:
  5. Beautiful shot with the flowers!!!
  6. Love that last picture... the bag goes perfectly with the spring blossoms.

  7. Congrats! Great colour for Spring!!! Enjoy your new bag!!!
  8. pretty bag!! congrats on your new addition!
  9. una, modema,temily,eucalyptic,zeitgeist,dolly,D&G,

    thank you so much for rejoicing with me it's so much more fun to share new additions with likeminded than with hubby saying : "another one, but isn't it just like the other?":rolleyes:
    Now i must admit that this comes in handy at times!
  10. Catcat - your bag is just gorgeous! What a dream! And your garden looks amazing too - great pics :love:

    Oh and my SO says the exact same thing ".....yes the bag is lovely....but isn't it the same as all your others!?" :roflmfao:
  11. Lovely a creamy sensation for spring
  12. Gorgeous bag :yes: But how could you hook it over the bark of a tree???!!!!!!!! :wtf: The cream handles could get dirty or.....can barely bring myself to say it...torn!:wtf:
  13. Lovely bag catcat! How many does that make your collection?
  14. Gorgeous bag. I love the pic with it hanging on the tree. :yes:
  15. Love the last picture with the flowers--wouldn't you girls love a handbag magazine, just with gorgeous bag pictures like this?

    What color is your bag--