Creamy, dreamy has arrived...!

  1. As some of you know I was waiting for my paddy in blanc to arrive:yes: . My "new" baby has arrived a couple of days ago I was away accompanying my hubby on a buisnesstrip to Paris so once back here I had to wait to go and get it at the PO, right on my b-day!!!:yahoo:
    This is just such a beautiful bag! I havn't worn it yet since the weather was not right but can't wait for the sun to be less timid!

    I saw the quilted bay in Paris and was very, very tempted but finally reason won. To my surprise the black didn't do it for me...too "simple" the mokka was just gorgeous but holding my choc paddy in one hand and the bay in the other I still preferred the paddy. Cream was nice too but one cream/ivory bag is enough for me.

    I try to stay away a bid from the forum too much temptation...and I just got a new car so this time it is black leather seats instead of a bag:p !

    Need to be really good for a couple of months.
    In Paris I bought a nice off pair of white high heeled Tod's (peep toe) tought they would go with my new "blanc" but it's way more ivory...hmmmmmm
    have to look around some...;)
    Don't you hate the word budget:sweatdrop: ?!
  2. pics pls!! and congrats !!
  3. Congrats!!!
  4. ooh congrats, cant wait to see it ;)

    hope you had a fab time in Paris, it certainly sounds like you did :biggrin:
  5. Oh that's SOOOO my dream bag right now *_* A paddington in Blanc! I hope you post pictures!
  6. I agree with you about the Bays. A Paddy will make you swoon any time! Sounds like you had a lot of dreams come true. Congratulations!
  7. What's a budget? :rolleyes:

  8. I will try to take pics tomorrow had a pretty busy week and spread my ankle at the gym during lunch today...:cursing: !

    Paris was great we had really nice weather which helped. I "only" bought my tod's two pairs of designer jeans, a cute Tara Jarmon dress as well as another dress and a casual thinking about it I could have gotten the bay but there is a time for everything ...

    thelace I have been living by that motto but the car was just too was the leather seats or the bag so the car won (I got to choose the one I wanted, in the realm of reason:p ) so I should really not complain
  9. :yahoo: CONGRATS