cream vs. white?


Nov 18, 2006
I put my name on the list for a cream day with giant gold hardware today, but I'm wondering if it will be very similar to the white color since I already have a white day with RH. Do you think it makes sense for me to get the cream in the same style? I'm not trying to say that I want to sell my day (because I love it), I just love the GH as well and am wondering if the colors are too similar to justify another purchase. (sorry for the wordy post, I'm paranoid that I'm breaking the rules somehow...hopefully, this post falls within the proper guidelines). Thanks in advance for your opinions! :smile:
Mar 19, 2007
Cream and white aren't really the same. White is more in-your-face, vibrant, while cream is softer, more subtle.

If you're concerned about getting two similiar colors in similiar shapes, then get the cream in GH CITY. It's tdf! And you'll wear your DAY as a shoulder bag, and your CITY more as a hand bag. I wouldn't worry so much about similiarity of color, but I think the Day and the Hobo are a bit similiar in shape.