Cream Stephen? As 'squishy' as mono?

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  1. I have found a cream and black stephen and I love it, but is it as squishy as the mono? That's why I didn't like the mono.
  2. I think this would be much less squishy Mary. I remember you did not like that about the mono. There are some pics in the visual aides and also celebs with LV. It looks more structured to me....It's absolutely stunning too!
  3. Thanks mick, I am off to check it out!
  4. Thanks, again, Mick...borrowed this one from visual aids
  5. It's a beautiful bag, anyone know thhe price?
  6. I think I am going to get it :smile:
  7. Retail about $3300.00
  8. she is a beaut! i hope you'll be really happy with her!
  9. I like the Stephen better in Cuir Embosse and Leopard. I hope you enjoy it too!
  10. OMG Tink! Get that bag-it is awesome!! I have never seen that one before but WOW!! Can you still get it from the LV or do you have to go 2nd hand??
  11. I love that bag.....get it get it!!!!:graucho:
  12. Oooh get it! :biggrin: it's a hot bag and congrats from now :yahoo:
  13. $3300? I thought it was over $4k?

    the bag is GORGEOUS! I remember seeing it at my store once! mmmmmmm so lovely! it didn't look sloppy!
  14. All I can say is WOW! I love that one better than the Mono leopard. If you got the money snatch it up for sure!:drool:
  15. Get it !!! GET IT!! GET IT!!!
    Gorgeous, the patent is so smooth & yummy, I fondled one for about an hour before deciding I wasn't worthy of having it. I am way to rough on my bags & would be devastated when the inevitable happened.