cream soda - whats your favorite?

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  1. im trying to look for schweppes but cant it find any locally.

    what brand would you recommend thats easily available in groceries?

  2. Doesn't CRUSH have a cream soda?
    And I remember something called Tahiti Treat from when I was little.
  3. A & W makes cream soda. I am not a huge fan of cream soda, but my little brother loves it and likes that brand. The ICW brand- or something similar- comes in dark brown bottles in a six pack and they have other "throwback" flavors can be found at all groceries in my area and at Target, etc.
  4. ^ A&W was what I was thinking of too, but I almost said Mug lol. I knew it was some root beer brand!

    I'm pretty sure they sell the Stewarts kind in the glass bottles here, too...
  5. ^ Yeah, Stewart's is the other one. Now, that is good root beer! They have a key lime soda too that is tasty.
  6. I love cream soda if it's not too sweet so I usually look for the naturals. Some good ones that aren't cloying is Bedford's gourmet creme soda (mainly in the NW) and Jones'. Thomas kemper makes a good one too. I've always like cream sodas and rootbeer.
  7. I'm not too crazy about cream soda, but hubby likes A&W as well ... even swears by it, LOL!
  8. i love cream soda a&w is a good brand
  9. try asian/ chinese supermarkets... or anyplace asian.. i live in vancouver so i dont know how it is down in the US. but i noticed u can only find the schweppes cream soda in chinese supermarkets.. or chinese/ malls/ foodcourts. i would have to say schweppes cream soda is the besT!!
  10. kids drink IBC - it's at kroger and publix. too sweet for me tho
  11. thanks for the replies. i'll take them all into consideration. :yes:

    today i've been to two 99 ranch stores but didnt find schweppes. maybe they're OOS?

    tomorrow i'll buy the IBC brand. hopefully i'll like it.
  12. ... and if dont, i'll try all the other brands out there until i find my match. :p
  13. I love canadian cream soda. It's the only kind they have here in uae.
    Canadian cream soda is often pink, and has a unique taste somewhat reminisceparticularly in the nt of grenadine. But clear versions of cream soda can also be found in Canada, Province of Quebec, where pink cream soda is very rare, or non-existent.
  14. IBC and A&W are good.
  15. I didn't even know it existed! Just Googled it, it sounds yummy!!