Cream shades driving me mad! :)

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  1. Hello fellow worshippers ! :smile:

    After going totally mad and buying two Dior gaucho bags :wlae: ( red tote and white shoulder bag ) this month ( still havent received them but must keep buying ! :yes: ) my eye stopped for a longer while on the sand Paddy ... but im so confused with the shade it has on the pics ! has anyone seen it in rl ? has it got pinkish undertones like sable ( after all it means the same ...) or is it totally different ? i do not have experience with net a porter and i dont know how accurate their photos are ... any help would be so welcome ! :jammin:
  2. Sand = creme

    I've seen one in real life and I think is too dark. It doesn't look like sable at all, no pink undertone and is like a light coffee colour. However, if you really want a cream colour bag, I think you should go for blanc or maybe mastic. Mastic has a light putty colour~ very nice!!!

    Good luck in finding your cream paddy~
  3. Thank you Dolly !:smile:))

    i just saw the pearl grey in upcoming colours thread...why oh why does it have to have silver brassware!!!:sad:(( ???

    might have to cheer me up with a another nice balenciaga city...:sad::hysteric:
  4. definitely not anything like sable unfortunately.... I have a sable and seen the sand IRL... I would wait for spring 2007 for the white paddy which is hot!
  5. I saw a white paddy at NM this weekend, at it was WHITE. Although the tag said blanc, it was *nothing* like my blanc, in color or texture.

    If you can find one, grab an 05 sable or vanilla (one just sold on eBay for $899, one bid only!! wah).
  6. Speaking of colors, the new ones for S/S 07, are there any swatches available so we can see exactly what name is for what color. I was looking at LVR & they had these colors like Canelle and I just wanna see what shade these colors are so I know what I wanna get.
  7. I would be very worried about these lighter shades getting dirty quickly. I overhead an SA advising a customer not to purchase a light colour Paddy, because her friend had one which marked very easily. The customer bought a darker colour instead.
  8. awww i dont think that's right! I had a craie & yes, they are a bit more sensitive to getting dirty but if you are cautious enough & just make sure you dont throw the bag around, you'll be fine. You dont have to like be super careful with it to the point where you cant even wear it. Nonetheless, I :heart: craie! And I would never advise anyone to not get it.
  9. Craie is actually my most dreamy colour to buy but i started liking paddys to late and now i cant get it anywhere !!!! not even on bay:sweatdrop:

    looks like everyone loves their paddies craie too much!!!

    i dont mind if its getting dirt quicker anyway i would just hold it in my arms all the time and make sure nothing happens to it ! ;)
  10. Craie is gorgeous and I am very partial to 05 Vanilla. It looks like Vanilla ice cream to me! Yum! But, I would definitely drop it in the mud if I had it (just knowing my luck)!
  11. omg ! i think you would have to prepare for apologising your paddy A LOT if u dropped her in the mud !:smile::yes:
  12. Craie is really lovely colour and it wont get dirty that easily, I'm the second (..or who knows, maybe 3.?) owner of mine and it's still perfect, no dirt or colour change at all :choochoo: It's my favourite colour too and so easy to match with everything, good luck with your hunt! Blanc and vanilla are beautiful creams too :love:
  13. Oooh! That was me! I can't believe no one else bid on it!

    I don't have it yet but when I get it I'll post a picture.

    It's my first white/cream color purchase. I've always been afraid to own them too. I will have to be extra careful!
  14. How exciting, cannot wait to see it!:yes:
  15. I really want to see pics of the vanilla colour too~
    Congrats... beautiful colour!

    Best cream colour shades will be: craie, blanc, vanilla! I love these 3 shades, very pretty!