Cream/ Off White Classic flap

  1. I don't know if they make this color, but I'd really like a cream/ off white classic cavier flap for spring/summer.

    Maybe medium or large?

    Do they make this color and how much is a medium or large cavier flap?
  2. This is the Cream Color I purchased last was from 07P. Hopefully you can find some floating around! It has the bijoux chain.
  3. ^ Thanks! What size did you get and how much?
  4. It is an E/W but I know they came in the Medium/Large and Jumbo sizes as well.

    I believe I paid $1675CAD, I purchased it last summer.
  5. mine is not caviar but its cream ish colored med flap that i purchased last august
    cream flap 004.jpg
  6. I think ladydeluxe has a dark white/cream flap... I wonder when she got hers? I have a bright white flap, so I am of no help...
  7. i have hte exact same bag. i bought my red one from the boutique, and by the time i decided i was in love with the bijoux chain and wanted the white one, canada was all sold out, so i had to get mine from the states. i ABSOLUTELY LOVE this bag in white, i think the chain looks beautiful against the white. love it!
  8. Anyone seen any lately? I have a stark white caviar but now need something for the ivory w/chain jacket. Any size but jumbo would do.
  9. your e/w is so pretty...i just love the color...thx for sharing :smile:
  10. The color of the off white is fab. I have it in jumbo caviar and love it. Good luck finding one. If I go by NM or Chanel tomorrow I will see if they have them.
  11. I got this picture stolen from somewhere..might this help..and I love this one
  12. I'm in love with it
    only medium flap I will consider