cream kooba scarlett

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  1. i was so excited it was coming today, but hwen i got it and opened it up i was just like ... i just feel its boring. its great quality, the inside is so soft and the leater is really nice... but it just doesnt do much for me... so im returning it... bleh on the quest for another bag... i have no idea what kind i want... i need something that i will be able to use for a LONG TIME. i got a gorgeous black michael kors lattingtown hobo and i am in love with it. and its a classic one that i will be able to use for at least a few years and ive gotten TONS of compliments on it. i like it bc i have never seen anyone else with it either, and thats what i like with a bag. anyone have some suggestions for a bag thats within 300-500 that is sort of timeless but not too popular? and im looking for something i could wear with browns... so a color that would go with a lot of stuff that i cant wear black with, get what i mean? haha. and i like shoulder bags but i could deal with something like the LV speedy. i love LV (even though so many do have it) but its too expensive for me right now, unfortunately... any suggestions? so the scarlett is goin back...
  2. What about the damier speedy? Not too many people are going to have it YET, and its a nice everyday bag. I don't think its too much over budget either, correct me if I'm wrong someone :biggrin:
  3. Sorry to hear that, it's always so disappointing. I felt the exact same way you did and returned mine after highly anticipating its arrival. I have and love a Sienna in Luggage but the cream Scarlett just didn't do it for me.

    Onward and upward! :P
  4. Elliot Lucca - $128 - comes in black, chocolate metallic, gold, or white
    Betsey Johnson - $385
    Michael Kors Brookville hobo - $228
    Michael Kors Hutton hobo - $248
    Michael Kors Astor hobo - $168
    Sigrid Olsen - $168
  5. Wow Kat - those are great suggestions! That Elliot Luca is attractive.
  6. i have seen th elliot luca before and i LOVE it... i just dont know what color or if it would be very outdated in a few seasons... i am obsessed with michael kors so i am very familiar with his bags hahaha... and the sigrid olsen is cute too... i will have to check it out... im going to short hills this sunday so i will be on the lookout.. if anyone else has suggestions, feel free to send them over!
  7. That Elliot Lucca is gorgeous!!! :love: :love: :love: Personally, depending on where you live, I wouldn't be too concerned with buying a metallic bag. It seems like every other year, metallics are in and if you live somewhere with lots of sunshine (it feels like every summer). I just love that metallic color and I don't even like metallics!!!

    I like that Sigrid Olsen too. I love slouchy soft leather bags!
  8. fyi - sigrid olsen leather is SO soft. softer than the paddy, softer than the spy, out-of-this-world soft. it's also a great shape and color, i'd go for that one.
  9. You're right Noriko! It's a great everyday bag and its not to pricey.:biggrin:
  10. The Eliot Luca is gorgeous but I'd go with a LV Damier piece if you can.
  11. honestly? i'm not feeling the damier pieces... i know its shocking but it really doesnt appeal to me... maybe that makes me have bad taste but hahaha :sad: its the truth.