cream(ivory) bbag owners

  1. I am thinking about getting ivory with GSH. do you think it is gonna get dirty real soon? :confused1:

  2. Not sure about the dirt, but the color combo is gorgeous:heart::heart:.

    I have a light bbag, a Naturel Work, and it stays clean! You just have to be a bit more careful with the lighter colors. But the point of Balenciaga are the gorgeous colors and hardware. So definitely get what you love and what looks amazing!
  3. I actually wanted a ivory work but the SA at BalSG told me i can't wear jeans with it because the blue dye will rub onto the bag!
  4. This is the ONLY thing that is making me second guess getting an Ivory bag. I've seen one IRL and it's beautiful. The lightest bag I have is a Natural Twiggy and that's a lot darker in comparison to Ivory and I'm scared about that one getting dirty even though I sprayed it with Apple Guard. So, I'm still not sure if I make myself buy one.
  5. ^^^ haha looks like I'm not the only one getting into Ivory... after seeing Kitten's ivory SGH city and then someone elses the ivory GGH work.... I'm sooooooo indecisive! I'd love to see more pics too to help make up my mind... I'm contemplating getting the PT... but like you say... the jeans color will rub off on it! I'm VERY worried that its gona be too high maintenance for me.... anyone have a ivory PT?