Cream Flap- Opinions *PICS*

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  1. I really want a cream flap bag....Idealy, I would like something smaller than the jumbo but larger than the large in the flap. Did they make the reissue in a size in-between?

    Anyway, this is what my SA said he has in stock....the Ivory has some shine to it and I'm wondering if I should hold out for a muted ivory.

    What do you think of this classic flap with silver hw...



  2. I really like it. I love the color. (I love the slight shine to it!)
  3. It's pretty! I prefer the patent you posted in the shopping sub-forum though (thanks for those btw).
  4. That is a very beautiful bag!! I would get it!!
  5. How does it compare to this ivory bag??

  6. I like the first one you posted just looks younger to me...just my opinion!!
  7. Thank you, that's what the SA said too!
  8. I like it!
  9. I also love the hardware on the first one...I think the gold on the second bag is what makes it look kind of for an older person. Is that you in the pics?? If so it really looks good on you.
  10. No, that's the sweet SA's at Chanel!

    I agree about the hardware tough.... I'm more of a silver person, but I'm getting use to gold now for some reason....
  11. Love the first one. Not crazy about the gold hardware on the second.
  12. Silly question...but do you wear more white gold/ platinium/silver etc.. or gold?? Would that help you decide?
  13. I wear more s/s, white gold, platinium etc. it's not really the hardware that I'm unsure of, it's the sheen on the cream..... I think I'm going to buy it though...
  14. I agree. I do like the shine too.
  15. imgg, i definitely like the sheen on the first bag you posted. it looks fresher and younger.