Cream Eye Shadows?

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  1. Do any of you girls use them?

    I've had a bunch in my makeup case for a while I finally decided to use them. I'm liking the Nars.:yes:

    Just wondering if any of you girls have any other recommendations?
  2. I have a MAC CCB that I use as an eyeshadowoccasionally, but I really don't like them because they crease easily
  3. I recommend MAC Eye Paints as a cream eyeshadow. They can be layered on for instensity, or used lightly as a highlight. Once dry, they don't crease, and I like to use them as waterproof makeup when I go swimming

    Try Mauvism, or Graphito :smile: (also can be used as liner)
  4. Laura Mercier has a great cream eye shadow.
  5. I love the Pout cream eyeshadows (called 'eyeslicks'). They are gorgeous colours that can be layered and do not crease. They are so easy to use and really last.