cream coloured (kooba) HELP

  1. i have a cream coloured sienna kooba & ive noticed that my dark blue shirt (big mistake) left a few slight dark marks on my bag... any of you bag experts know a good way to clean/take out the marks without damaging my bag? :s
  2. Oh, my...sorry that I don't have the answer for you. All of my Kooba bags are dark with the exception of my Sienna in Moss which I have used very little. Hopefully some of the more knowledgeable gals will come through for you. Good luck!
  3. There is a Mr. Clean Dry Eraser that you can use on leather. You can get it at the grocery store-you might try it!:yes:
  4. Really? You can use the Mr. Clean Dry Eraser on leather?? I didn't know that! Thanks!
  5. I didn't know that they had one for leather..That's good to know!
  6. I too have the ivory sienna and the bottom has some staining from my jeans...I've seen others mention baby wipes to clean bags...I might try the mr. clean dry eraser though...
    Otherwise I just suffer with it, it goes along with the white bag territory IMO..
  7. I would try something else before you use a Mr. Clean eraser, those have solvent in them and is why they work on dirt on the wall so well.

    I suggest calling a leather repair or shoe shop and ask them what to use.
  8. Thanks for posting about the color transfer- I purchased a cream-color Scarlett at a NYC sample sale that I am saving for summertime and will be very careful what I wear when using it.
  9. I have a Sienna in Ivory, which I wore with a black t-shirt last summer, badly staining the bag. I used a leather cleaning cream on a soft cloth and most of it came out, it looks pretty good now. Won't make the same mistake again, live and learn:smile:
  10. I had that problem when my dark jeans came off on my light pink cole haan bag... I used baby wipes to clean it and it came out pretty good.
  11. I think you've gotten great advice already, so I will just say that we'd love to see your Kooba pics, too. :supacool:
  12. I use Coach leather cleaner, then Coach leather moisturizer, both with soft cloths. They do a fair job, but don't get all marks out.

    Ahh, the joys and perils of carrying a cream bag!!!
  13. I've used LovinMybags cleaner (actually for B-bags) on my Koobas but I have all darker shades. I don't know if it would take out transfer stains.
  14. thanks for all the replies!!

    update - i emailed kooba & they told me to use the same type of leather cleaner/protectant that is used for high quality leather shoes. they also recommended that i take my bag to a professional leather care specialist...

    i did just that & used a cleaner recommended to me @ a leather store & it worked :smile:

    as much as i love white/cream bags....... it's so hard for any coloured clothing to not rub off on your bag :weird:
  15. Glad to hear everything worked out! It's definitely hard to keep a cream bag clean!!!