cream colored dress for a wedding?

  1. a friend of mine is getting married in sept. I have a very pretty cream colored dress that i would love to wear (very simple with a black ribbon belt). should i stay away from wearing cream at a wedding? I certainly don't want to distract from the bride!
  2. Personally, I wouldn't...cream is a little bit too close to white, wouldn't want to upset the bride! I think you should pick a different dress to wear.
  3. ^I agree...I'd be safe and stay away from similar colors.
  4. I did it once and regretted it. I wore a cream wool coatdress and I tried to 'anchor' it with a scarf with deep plums and dark plum pumps. I felt very self conscious and would never do it again.
  5. pick something else. Besides, maybe the bride will be in cream!
  6. A lot of brides wear off white/cream dresses, so you may end up wearing the same color as the bride!
    Personally I wouldnt risk it.
  7. thanks you guys! I think that you are right. I'm sure i'd probably end up feeling uncomfortable. I'll save the cream dress for some other day. thanks for saving me from a fashion "don't".