Cream Cherry Blossom Carnet de Bal

  1. 0 feedback and eBay france is full of liars and fakes.
  2. Iono....
  3. i have the same cherry bloosom one pink on pink ---- brand new and has been sitting in my closet for good two years.....i wanted it SO BAD and i got it, it's the cutest little thing!

    but i don't know how i should use it!!! does anybody else have this??? how do you use yours???:smile: :heart:
  4. I wouldn't post anything that I didn't think is real - if you do see something in the picture that you don't think matches up with the real deal, please share since learning about fakes is a part of what Vuitton fans do ! :yes:

    I do agree that this seller is sketchy - eBay can be a dangerous place in general, not just eBay France. But hey, pictures are free. and for all to admire. :graucho:
  5. I LOVE IT!!!:love:
  6. I've been thinking about buying one for a while. It's a carnet (notebook) so for notes, there's like an address book refill that you can get for it but it seems kind of cramped to write stuff in. I think it'd be perfect for holding cards !
  7. It looks authentic to me...I would love to add this to my red/cream CB collection :love:
  8. I use my MC one for cards it's great for that!
  9. It seems like you have everything that I want ! :P
  10. Plus they only accept checks as the payment method, have 0 feedback, and aren't in the US... GAHHHH that big CB flower drives me crazy. :tender:
  11. Ooooooooooh! That is just too cute!
  12. That's so cute!! I want one.
  13. The CB's look the same to me.. ;)
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