Cream Bags

  1. Hi Everyone

    Last year I thought about getting a cream bag for the summer but managed to refrain myself...I don't think i'll be able to help myself this year :rolleyes: so...can you post some ideas for a cream bag.

    I'm not sure i like white so would need to be off white/cream. Also i'm thinking not too many £££ as i'll be too paranoid of getting it dirty. lets say £300 max ($600)

    thanks in advance

  2. I really really want a Botkier Bianca in Bone color (which is white/creme color). You can find it on Bergdorf's website. The medium size one is $595 and it has the softest lamb leather..... I hope to get one soon too... =)
  3. i'm not comfortable too with light coloured bags :p
    but there's some great light coloured balenciaga that's really pretty :yes:
  4. Thank you SO much for all your suggestions.

    I like the Gucci ones but i'm not 100% I'm also a bit concerned about the price on a cream bag. I love Balenciaga and as yet don't own one...v tempting but i mustn't! :push:

    brtracy - The Botkier Bianca is lovely, i already have 3 botkier bags that i love (they're so practical and hard wearing) it's defo going on a shortlist!

    I've also seen a couple of Mulberry bags that i like so i guess i'll keep a look out as i have a couple of months to decide.

  5. I just bought a medium Botiker Bianca in Bone which. The leather is oh so soft. Price $595 for the med. $695 for a large and $495 for small.
  6. The Bulga one looks so yummy! Makes me think of cake!

  7. I know! I always really want one, but I'm paranoid I'll drop it somewhere dirty and "bye-bye bag" :rolleyes:
  8. Here's one I'm eyeing from MARC by Marc Jacobs: Kingpin Strike Tote
    [​IMG] (Source:
  9. ^ ooh so cute! I like the striping detail.
  10. I bought a Kooba Frankie in cream and it's gorgeous! It has soft, squishy leather and lots of compartments for everything. Better yet-when I bought it at Off Fifth's outlet it had been marked down from $595-to $150...then I had a coupon for 30% off! So I paid a total of $111.00 for it!!!:yahoo:
  11. Does it have to be plain cream? I've just bought a Mulberry Soho in cream which has tan leather fittings. It is £495 retail but I got it through the Mulberry factory shop in Shepton Mallet, UK, for £286. It's a great compromise bag and it's predominantly cream but the bits that can get dirty or marked - ie: corners and flap fastening are brown leather. I love it. Happy hunting!